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Foam Inserts – Use For Shipping to Protect Your Valuable Contents

When a package is shipped, the most important thing is that it arrives without any damage. This can be achieved by using the proper type of custom box inserts. Box inserts are used to separate numerous items within a box. It can separate as little as four to as many as 144 items. Inserts are used to snugly fit the contents inside the box with little, if any, room to move. When the measurements are taken from the product you desire to ship, it can be used to create a custom box insert. This will insure the product will not become damaged during travel and will arrive in the same condition in which it was sent.

There are multiple inserts that can be used in every shipping process. However, there are a few that work out better than others such as foam inserts. Foam inserts are for specific items such as firearms, compact bows, important medicine vials, tools, electronic equipment, and other valuable and / or vulnerable items.

There are four main reasons why using a foam insert to ship your valuable contents.

Foam Inserts Enhance the Product’s Look

Foam inserts have a custom look to them that cannot be achieved with other inserts, such as the pick and puck type. With the look, the recipient of your package will not only notice the contents are safely packaged but they will also notice how well the insert compliments the contents.

Foam Inserts for Protection

Foam inserts give added protection in areas where regular inserts and even Styrofoam inserts such as sheets, cones, or balls might not. Many companies who ship expensive products will use custom foam inserts to snugly fit their products and ship them without worry of damage occurring.

Foam Inserts Are Easy To Use and no Setup is Required

Inserts, like these, do not have to be plucked to reach the perfect layout for each item. They can be custom ordered to fit the item of your choice. If you have thousands of cases to be packaged and shipped, you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on labor for someone to plug the foam into the right layout over and over again.

There are Endless Possibilities Using Foam Inserts

When ordering foam inserts for your merchandise and packaging needs, the possibilities are limitless. You can arrange certain styles to be cut out of the foam to fit your product exceptionally well. Even the most unconventional and oddly shaped contents can be cradled in a foam pocket cut to the specific shape and size of the contents.

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