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Custom Printed Die Cut Boxes – Their Types and Benefits

There are millions of packages that are securely wrapped, packed into a box, and shipped across the world each and every day. These packages must arrive safely at their destination without any damage to the contents of the box or to the box itself. The best type of box to use, for precise packaging, is die cut boxes.

A die cut box is one that is made specifically for a certain item you are planning to ship. Instead of having tape, glue, staples, or any other type of bonding agent, a die cut box is made with one piece which is folded over and over. It is sturdy enough to house precious contents such as jewelry, watches, pens, glass ornaments, bottles, and much more. Many die cut boxes are reusable.

There are several different types of die cut boxes that are used in everyday shipping. Gift boxes that are made to have an elegant finished look to them are very popular among personal preferences and among companies that wish to promote a certain product or service. They can be custom printed to match the company or the needs of the individual. The reason it is called a gift box is because there is no added need for wrapping paper. The box itself looks as if it is wrapped with a custom printed decoration on each side.

Another common type of custom printed die cut boxes that is normally seen through postal mail is the called a “Mailer.” This box is normally printed on both the outside and inside with a self-locking flap for the lid. This type of box is used for promotional products and for software or small devices such as a cell phone or pc software CDs. A great example of a mailer box is a shoe box. A laminate print is used on die cut boxes to give a smooth or rough texture appearance depending on the consumer’s needs.

Although not very commonly seen on the back of a shipping truck, die cut boxes that are considered to be of the cross folder type are used for shipping pictures or other slim valuables. The decorations of the box can be plain, the color of cardboard, or it can have a special design for someone special or to promote a business. This special type of box is made from one piece of cardboard. Each corner is cut out to allow the sides to fold over and meet. This helps to secure the contents with ease and ship without damage.

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