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Stand Out with Custom Setup Boxes

Custom set up box

When you ship your products or personal items, who said you had to go the traditional route? Stand out amongst your competitors by using custom setup boxes. Choose from a variety of box sizes, designs, and shapes, regardless of what items or products you will be placing inside of the box. If you need help with your custom setup box, do not worry; Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc. can help you choose the perfect custom setup boxes for your business or personal use.

Set-up boxes are generally used to ship high-end products, such as electronics. A custom setup box not only provides you with a durable box, but it gives your package a more elegant appearance.

Benefits of Setup Boxes

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you order custom setup boxes from Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc. Quality is one benefit that customers love. The type of setup box you choose to package items in will show your customers that the item inside is just as important. When you go out of your way to package your item in a custom setup box, your customers will know that you went out of your way to make a high-quality product that you want to ensure is shipped safely and securely.

When you receive your custom setup box, it will already be assembled. You do not have to pay anyone labor costs to put the boxes together. All you need to do is store the custom setup boxes in your building, warehouse, or storage room, and use them as you ship products out.

Since there is no tooling required with custom setup boxes, you can use these boxes to test products. You can change the size and design on these boxes as often as you would like, because there are typically no additional tooling costs. This saves you thousands of dollars, and it allows you to test out new products.

The Way You Want It

When placing an order for custom setup boxes from Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc., you can have the box customized anyway that you want it. Choose from a variety of gloss paper, theme and patterned paper, foil paper, embossed paper, and more. Add graphics to your custom setup box to give it a more personalized feel, and to set your business apart from other companies. The choice is yours.

Call today and get a quote for your custom setup box order; put your high-quality products and items in a high-quality box!

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