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Custom Mailer Boxes – What Are They?

Go out to your mailbox on any given day and chances are you’ll find a box with a sample product in it. It could be a sample size box of laundry detergent, cereal, dog food or a cosmetic sample. Many times, the box is an exact miniature version of a regular size product. We’ve all seen small Tide boxes or Purina dog food. This type of box is a mailer box. Mailer boxes come in all sizes and shapes. They are ideal for sending out promotional items for your company. Mailer boxes are perfect for smaller items, such as DVD’s or CS’s too.

The custom mailer boxes are precisely die-cut to your specifications in a one piece box with attached lid. Most mailer boxes are made from corrugated cardboard or paperboard. The thickness can vary depending on the product stored inside and the use of the mailer box. Thicker cardboard means a sturdier box, perhaps for mailings; while a thinner cardboard might be more appropriate for display uses. The size and shape of the box are meant to enhance your product. Mailer boxes used to be mostly white inside and out, but nowadays it’s more likely than not that you will see color and printing on both the outside and inside.

Custom mailer boxes are an excellent way to get the word out about your product. Printing on the inside and out helps make your product more recognizable. The self-locking lid makes the mailer box easy to open and close multiple times without causing damage to the box. This feature makes a custom mailer box an excellent display box for your product. Mailer boxes often look more like display boxes rather than shipping boxes. This makes these boxes popular on store shelves, at the checkout registers and at trade shows. High end mailer boxes showcase your elegant products to give the customer that rich, quality feel about your product. Custom made inserts can complete the high end look while protecting the product.

Custom mailer boxes help your company save money too. Not only are you saving money by not using bulkier packaging, you are advertising your product at the same time. Working with your design and vision, the design team can create a mailer box that will pop and attract many more customers. Consider mailer boxes when you are thinking of ways to promote your product. It will definitely pay off!

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