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Custom Foam Inserts for Peace of Mind

Box inserts are the perfect packaging solution, particularly when you are packaging fragile items like China products, crystal, gold, candles, porcelain, glassware, electronics, perfumes etc. The use of custom made foam inserts and box inserts can make the difference between your items arriving safely and in one piece or them reaching your clients and are cracked, broken, damaged or in pieces – it really is as simple as that.

Not only will custom made box inserts and foam inserts keep your items safe in transit but it will also help to enhance the packaging and give your products that extra touch of class. A foam insert can help to display jewelry in all its splendor, highlight certain aspects of your product and make sure that your product reaches the customer in the same condition as it was when it left your premises, no matter how fragile or delicate the product may be.

There are different types of foam insert which are specifically suited to different products;

  • Foam blocks can be used to prevent fragile electrical equipment from rattling around inside the box – holding it steady and firm to prevent damage.
  • Smaller, fragile pieces of equipment can be packaged using a different type of convoluted foam insert which can help to prevent them from moving around in transit and potential damage as they come together.
  • Die cut foam box inserts are perfect for items such as game controllers – they are also fabulous for keeping the equipment safe in the home when they are not in use.
  • Die cut foam inserts are particularly useful for keeping items like vials upright and in place while they are being transported – it can also really help with the presentation of your products giving them that all important touch of class.
  • Custom made box inserts and foam inserts can be made to fit the size and shape of your product perfectly to ensure that the product does not become broken or damaged while it is being transported or shipped.

At Cactus Containers we can provide a great selection of foam inserts and other types of box inserts to guarantee that your products can be shipped safely and securely. We know a thing or two about packaging, so why not ask our advice about the best type of box inserts to deal with your particular products – whether you need something cut to shape or standard foam blocks, we have the answers.

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