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Counter Top Display – Visibility For Your Products

A counter top display or corrugated POP displays are convenient ways to get your products and services seen and flying off the shelves. There are lots of different styles available which can all be made to the perfect size for your needs – printed if necessary, for the ultimate marketing opportunity.

One of the most effective positions for your featured products has got to be at the POP – or point of purchase – that’s where customers wait to pay for their products, forming an orderly line (hopefully), cash at the ready or credit cards in hand . . . what better, more receptive audience could you wish for?

At Cactus Containers we can provide your company with a wide range of counter top display products and corrugated POP displays to suit each individual product or service. A few examples include;

  • One counter top display with an example of a particular product for the customer to see, handle, and hold as well as a holder on the side for brochures or leaflets which the customer can then take away to read at their leisure. This can be a very effective marketing strategy for the more expensive or specialized items which will not be bought on a whim for a couple of dollars at the cash register.
  • Corrugated POP displays will generally have a high back with printing of your particular product or service and often have a two or three tier base in order to display the products most effectively to potential customers. These can be printed in up to four colors as required, for the maximum effect.
  • Counter top displays which are specifically designed to hold and display CD’s, are very popular and can be used to display a number of different CD’s or a large supply of the same new release. These are often manufactured from corrugated cardboard for maximum strength with minimum cost and printed in up to 4 colors with lithographic laminate.
  • Greetings or gift cards are another item which can really benefit from a counter top display and can be tailor made to hold as many or as few gift cards as you feel necessary.

Cactus Containers can tailor make all types of counter top displays and corrugated POP displays to help your products and services really get moving. No matter what type of custom boxes you require, we can certainly help.

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