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Hidden Uses of Fiber Tubes


Do you know that fiber tubes are more than just tubes that are mostly used for your tissue papers at home? If not, and then this is your chance to discover the hidden, yet amazing uses of these fiber tubes!

First, what is a fiber tube? As the name suggests, fiber tube is a “tube” made from “fiber”. This means that these are the cylindrical container used in different industries, which are created through the continuous wrapping of cardboards on a shaft to form a strong tube.

Now, that you know what a fiber tube is, how important is this in the society? Although cardboards are underrated, these tubes are widely used in the society and different businesses and industries today. Do you want to find out what are its uses? Check this out!

Mailing or Shipping Tubes

Aside from the obvious use of these fiber tubes as the center of the toilet papers, these are also used for shipping and mailing. In fact, custom tubes are the most effective way of sending important documents. Unlike the normal parcels and envelopes provided by couriers, these mailing and shipping tubes are a stronger container. Because these are made from wood pulp fibers that were wrapped simultaneously, mailing and shipping tubes can protect the documents from dents and damages, provided that the end cap is cardboard, plastic, or metal.

Usually, blueprints, posters, and banners are the documents that require mailing and shipping tubes.

Retail Packaging

Who would forget the iconic cylindrical retail packaging of your favorite American potato snack chips? Fiber tubes are also used as the main retail packaging of a certain product. Now, there is proof that fiber tubes are not just part of the product, but also the branding of the product. Aside from being the retail packaging of the famous potato chips and other foods, fiber tubes are also used as the packaging of perfume, cosmetics, and other beauty products. Somehow, a cylindrical container increases the elegance, sophistication, appearance, and overall appeal to the consumers of the product.


Since fiber tubes are used as mailing or shipping tubes and retail packaging, you may want to reuse your cylindrical containers. Just like the shipping boxes, custom tubes can be used as a storage container for your personal stuff. If shipping boxes can hold a variety of items, including clothes, shoes, vases, display items, small furniture, and cooking wares, shipping tubes can definitely take care of the important, yet smaller stuff at home. You can store your documents (of course!), jewelry, and mobile accessories such as earphones and phone chargers in a mailing tube.

In addition to that, fiber tubes can definitely be recycled and repurposed into DIY projects.

Practical Ways to Recycle Custom Tubes

Custom Tubes

If you regularly receive artworks, posters, or other documents encased in cardboard custom tubes do not throw them away. Apart from reusing them to keep papers that you do not want to be folded, there are a dozen practical ways you can recycle cardboard tubes such as the following:

  • Cord Organizer. Unkept computer, television, radio, or other gadget cords can be a total eyesore. Instead of bundling them up and tying with a rubber band or nylon cord, you can use several fiber tubes to organize them. Simply make sure both ends of all tubes are open and then decorate them using colored papers or stickers and place one folded cord per tube. You can label them accordingly for easy identification and use.

  • Wrinkle-Prevention Tool. Avoid wrinkles and creases on your pants and skirts when you hang them by simply attaching a cardboard tube on a hanger. This way you can be sure that your pants and skirts would be wrinkle-free all the time.

  • Seedling Nursery. Instead of buying small pots to grow seedlings for your garden, you can use a couple of custom tubes. Just cut them according to your desired height, fill them with garden soil, drop your seeds, and your all set.

  • Artistic Piece. Exercise your creative muscles by creating a wall art using cut-up rolls of cardboard tubes. Simply glue them together to create interesting patterns and shapes. Color them in hues that complement your wall paint and you will have an art piece that you can show your friends.

  • Drawer Organizer. If you have a lot of accessories or personal items inside your drawer and you are finding it hard to keep them in order, you can create a drawer organizer using several packaging tubes. Just cut them much shorter than the height of your drawer, glue several tubes together, and place them in your drawer. You can then use each compartment to keep your jewelry, scarves, and other accessories.

  • Parking Garage for Toy Cars. For your little boys who have tons of die-cast cars and other vehicle toys, you can create a parking garage by using several mailing tubes. Get a wooden crate and let it stand. Cut a couple of tubes that will fill the crate and glue them together. Let your child design his garage and fill each tube with his toy cars.

The ideas mentioned above are just some of the best ways you can reuse old fiber tubes. Without a doubt with a little imagination and a dash of creativity, you can find more ways to use those versatile cardboard tubes lying in your home.

Use Fiber Tubes for Shipping Documents

Fiber Tubes

When your business has worked hard to manufacture a product, you don’t want it to be crushed or damaged during shipping. This danger is especially relevant when you are shipping items such as papers, documents, posters, or paintings. These products are too large to fit inside a traditional shipping box, and you run the risk of them being damaged if you use a flat container—such as a large envelope—to ship them.

For this reason, we provide custom designed mailing tubes of all shapes and sizes for use in shipping flat products such as posters and documents. These fiber tubes are durable and rugged, and can stand up to the wear and tear to which they will be exposed as they travel through the mail from your business to your customer.

Further, using custom designed mailing tubes will help you keep costs to the absolute minimum that they have to be: if you use a box large enough to hold the flat product you are shipping, the box will have a significant amount of dead space inside it. This wasted space will require the use of more cardboard for the construction of the box and will cost more to ship than a fiber tube designed for the purpose of shipping flat items.

Fiber tubes are strong enough that you don’t have to worry about them being crushed or bent. Because of their makeup, and especially because of their shape, they tend to transfer the stresses placed on them to the next item in the shipping container rather than absorbing that force—at the risk of being crushed or bent.

Finally, you want your customers to know that you are a savvy business. It would make no sense at all to ship your customers a flat product in a large box, and you can be assured that your customers know this. You don’t want to leave the impression that your business is unprofessional or employs questionable judgment, so make sure that you use custom designed mailing tubes for your flat-product shipping needs.

Our fiber tubes come in a variety of sizes and are all high-quality, so spend some time browsing through our offerings to make sure that you purchase the product that most closely fits your needs. We are here to help, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

What are Custom Designed Mailing Tubes?

Mailing tubes have been around for a long time. Most people are familiar with them. They are typically made out of stiff cardboard and are cylindrical in shape. One end of the tube has a cap in place that allows the user to open and put items in the tubes. The tubes are used for shipping papers, drawings and other similar products. The tubes offer good protection and can deliver their contents without damaging them. It may seem like it is simple to choose mailing tubes, but there is a better option.

Instead of getting standard size mailing tubes in a plain brown or white color, it may be a better idea to turn to custom designed mailing tubes. These can be a much more cost effective way for a business to ship the products that demand this type of packaging. It is a good idea to learn what these tubes offer and why they are the right choice.

Custom designed mailing tubes can be made to any size that is needed. The length and the diameter of the tubes can be made to fit the products they are going to hold. One of the goals of any product packaging is to protect the contents inside. If standard sized mailing tubes are used, they may or may not be the right size. The products inside will either not be adequately protected or they will require additional packaging materials to protect them. Either way, the business is not getting what they need for their products.

Another advantage of the custom tubes is the ability to use different materials. Fiber tubes can provide even more strength and protection. They can be coated to make them water resistant. When fiber tubes are used, the contents inside will get to their destination without being damaged.

The biggest advantage of the custom mailing tubes is the ability to add graphics. Instead of a plain colored mailing tube, graphics can be added that make it stand out. The graphics can help with branding or marketing for the company. They can be used to identify what is inside. The graphics present another opportunity for a business to advertise what they are and what they do.

It is time to stop thinking about mailing tubes in a basic way. The use of custom mailing tubes makes sense. They are a cost effective and efficient way to ship products and to market a company.

Fiber Tubes for the Smart Customer

Fiber tubes take packaging to the next level, where the simplicity of a tube is used innovatively. These tubes can be used as containers, holding a variety of things such as cosmetics, promotional kits and retail goods, when it has a friction fit end plug. The tubes can be used without the plugs as poles or holders for fabric or even thread. Whatever the use, these tubes can obtain a high end look when done with 4 color-printing or wrapped with a glossy or matt paper. To get the tubes at a cheaper rate, you can go for direct printing with one or two colors, which, when done tastefully, can still give a rich look.

Fiber Tubes Provide Tailor-made Packaging

To meet with the rising demand for uniqueness and originality, custom tubes are on the rise. Customers no longer have to settle for the ready made goods, but can get their packaging tubes in whatever thickness, length and breadth that they need. The ends can be in metal, plastic or paper and can be removable or permanent based on the required function. Metal ends give a sophisticated look and is more durable than paper, while paper ends are safe on the environment and can be reused and recycled.

Green Packaging

With environmental awareness on the rise, companies are getting committed to manufacturing eco-friendly products, which help in waste reduction. Manufacturers start by using recycled fibers and even use eco-friendly dyes for printing, so that there would be no eco-hazard resulting from the end product. Making use of eco-friendly fiber tubes increases our sense of responsibility to the planet.

A Twist in the Tale

Custom Tubes cannot be taken as your average packaging material as they can accommodate a lot of things easily that a normal box cannot manage. It is easier to use a tube for packing posters, papers, wires and stationery items. To make the tube completely reusable, have a removable top made of plastic or metal. These top and tube combinations can withstand multiple usages and pressure without causing any damage.

The Advantageous Conclusion

Of course, the main advantage of fiber tubes is the economical rates in which they are made and when manufactured from recycled fiber, they tend to be even more cost-effective. They are easy to handle and can be reused several times before they need to be recycled. There is no doubt about it; packaging takes an innovative approach with tubes.

Mail Tube Types and Purpose

After handling, vehicle carriers, conveyer belts, flights combined with the multitude of other items also being shipped, delicate documents can easily be crushed and damaged. Implement a corrugated mail tube for security, protection, efficiency, while reducing your shipping cost.

As old as the invention of writing, documents carried from one person or place to another soon followed. The first documented courier service for transportation dates back to Egypt. Scrolls were a common form, retaining the original shape of the papyrus simply by rolling up the article, and almost always delivered undamaged by the use of a seal.

Today, many documents must still stay intact, unfolded with the least damage possible. This could include maps, blueprints, charts, posters, artwork or fabric. Mailing a typical size poster of 18″ x 24″ in an envelope is unpractical and cumbersome. Rolling the same poster, as scrolls once were, is still the most feasible and beneficial way of mailing.

Hence, the mail tube is still being used today. The mailing tube, a simple cylinder hollow design, keeps the rolled document rolled and intact. Because the tubes for mailing is cylinder shape, it is equally strong in tension and compression. The tube mailing material itself is hard to bend. Its stiff corrugated thick composition withstand exterior pressure making mailing tubes an ideal shape for massive shipping and handling.

The tubes for mailing are commonly made of corrugated brown cardboard. Its an optimal lightweight material, which efficiently keeps the shipping and material cost down. Prior to shipping, a round metal or plastic is used to seal the shipping tubes. An alternative is a snap seal tube which eliminates the metal or plastic end caps altogether. Whichever shipping tube you choose to secure each end, know that the documents itself are left unharmed and undamaged.

Advance the possibilities and fabricate custom tubes. As a form of advertisement, a custom tube can be produced at the diameter and desired length. Its exterior can be visually maximized by implementing the 4 color process tubes. Simply put, most of the entire color spectrum can be produced with the 4 color process tubes.

Litho-laminate tubes generate the highest level of photo realistic graphics. The Litho-laminated tubes multi-color graphics are die cut and glued onto the finished mailing tubes. To convey a consistent product, company or brand image, utilize the high quality and realistic litho-laminate tubes for shipping and marketing.