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The Many Uses of Cardboard Tubes

Custom mailing tube
Cardboard tubes, like the ones used as mailing tubes, are useful items. Obviously, they are ideal for sending large pieces of paper by mail, or in any situation where the paper could be damaged. They are ideal for storing large documents or posters. In situations like trade shows, where you want your materials to look their best, a cardboard tube is the best way to store and move display materials without folding them.

Recycling and Reusing

The modern consumer is increasingly worried about the environmental impact of their actions. Cardboard mailing tubes are, of course, better for the environment than plastic tubes. Cardboard is produced from renewable resources, and fully recyclable. However, recycling cardboard does use large quantities of water. Fortunately, there are other ways to make use of these tubes.

Used tubes, if they are no longer needed for their original purpose, are useful for a huge variety of other purposes. Instead of being discarded, they can be re-purposed in any of a number of ways so they, as well as making life easier, they can save money and resources.

In the Garden

Saplings, and other thin plants, are sometimes damaged by inadvertent action in the garden. A cardboard tube, cut in half along its length, can be placed around the plant to protect it. Likewise, if preparing seedlings, these tubes can be cut into smaller sections and filled with earth. The seedling can then be prepared, and planted later. As this product is biodegradable, the seedling can be planted, tube and all, wherever it is wanted.

In the Office

Obviously, cardboard tubes are useful for storing documents in the office, but that’s not all. They can be cut to length, and then attached to a base, to make a useful desk caddy for pens, pencils, and all those other items that seem to clutter up a desk. Short sections of tube are also ideal for storing the various cables that can mess up a drawer. Looped cables, slipped into short sleeves, made from sections of tubes, won’t get twisted up and mixed together. This also has the advantage that the purpose of the cable can be written on the tube.


If you really want to see how many uses cardboard tubes can have, give some to a child. Children will find so many different ways to play with them. Longer ones can be tent poles, shorter ones act as wheels. The list is endless.

While they are designed for a productive purpose, there really is no end to the ways that they can be reused. Just let your imagination run free.

What You Would Mail in a Mailing Tube

Custom Boxes

There are a number of things you can mail across the world. The mail system is one that has grown throughout the years. Instead of sending things from state to state by horse, you can now send things by boat or airplane to different countries.  

There are a number of different boxes, tubes, and shipping containers that can be used to ship items across the world. One of those things that people do not think about shipping with is a mailing tube 

If you ship things often or have things that might benefit from a tube such as this one, then it is important to think about what you can ship or mail out with the use of these tubes. Find out what you can ship from the use of these mailing tubes, and why you’d want to use one to ship items out.  

What You Can Mail Out with These Tubes

Those that have anything that is paper-related, such as a large map, a poster, a magazine, a paper graph, or anything else that is something that you can loosely roll up and then slip into the tube that is being used.  

Once you know what you are shipping, and if it is one of these items, especially if they need to be protected so they do not rip, then make sure to choose the shipping tubes that are able to hold onto the posters, papers, and other items that you can slip inside the tubes and use to your advantage.  

Whether you are mailing them for your own personal purposes, or if you are mailing them for work or school; then you can use the tubes to send them without having to worry about the paper products ripping or breaking. These paper products are hard to ship any other way, and some people choose to use bubble mailers and other forms of mailing products, but the tube might be the best possible way to send them, regardless of where they are being mailed to. 

Search through the many sizes that are offered, as there are many sizes in width and length since every paper is different. Mailing the items, you need to mail doesn’t have to be hard. This can be the best way to overcome not having the best way to mail something. Mailing tubes are more common than you think, and you should be using them to ship items, too! 

Easy-to-Use Custom Shipping Tubes

Shipping Tubes

Does your company have the constant need to ship something using mailing tubes? The industry has a lot of different size and different custom printed mailing tubes to fit your specification.

Mailing tubes can be used to ship artwork, vintage posters, banners, graphics, posters, maps, blue printers, calendars, wood molding, tooling parts, and other elongated items. Recycled paperboards are used to produce spiral mailing tubes creating a sturdy packaging material.

Tubes for mailing can be customized to meet the specifications of each customer using different materials, shapes, and thickness. These packaging tubes are manufactured, combining high-quality materials protecting your product during shipping.

Features of Shipping Tubes that Make them Stand Out

Mailing tubes are available in varying features and in different styles to enhance usability and protection. The adjustable and flexible tubes allow insertion of items from the middle. You can also customize their length depending on the material that you want to keep inside the mailing tubes.

Padded mailing tubes provide protection against bumps and rough handling during shipping. The tubes have the features including seal and press closures. This reduces the requirement for additional packing materials. All you need is removing the back so that the package stays sealed completely.

Tubes with end caps make sure the seal is tight, and it allows the items to stay immobile until they are removed. The spiral round construction and reinforced corners offer added protection to these mailing shipping tubes.

The Many Different Tube Shapes

  • Here are some of the different shapes of shipping tubes:
  • The round shapes for mailing boxes protect photos, blueprints, and posters.
  • The triangular-shaped ones protect simple packaging and prevent rolling.
  • The square tubes offer enhanced space for those items, which are shaped differently. They reduce the requirement of using boxes that are very large for those items.
  • Flat and bags tubes offer sturdy option and rip resistant that keep wallpaper and fabric safe.

Durability Options when Choosing a Mailing Material

You can get tubes for mailing in various durability options. You can select them depending on the protection level that you require for the contents that need to be shipped. They are lightweight as well as durable and thick. The tubes provide adequate protection for sturdy items, which are not susceptible to damages.

The standard tubes retain photos, blueprints, and documents free from wrinkles and damage. Heavy duty tubes may be considered for soft items that require additional protection. Metal rods and industrial parts may be shipped because mailing tubes provide enhanced durability and minimize the risk of damage and bending during shipping.

What You Need to Know about Shipping Tubes

Shipping Tubes

There are different types of packaging materials and shipping tubes are one of the non-conventional material used but more likely to be helpful. Unlike the regularly shaped packaging material, custom tubes are cylindrical-shaped and can be used for items that have a shape that cannot be effectively accommodated by a conventional storage material. It is good when shipping sensitive materials, hazardous chemicals, or materials that are elongated or has a similar cylindrical or materials with an unusual length and conforms to the shipping tube shape.

Often called mailing tubes or cardboard tubes, these packaging materials are made from structurally sound cardboard material. It has a cylindrical shape and is commonly utilized because of their structural strength. Packages inside custom tubes often are protected by end seals either made of plastic or cardboard itself. It can also be used to protect subscription materials like magazines, paintings, documents, or letters without compromising their quality and shape.

Protect Your Materials From Damages Incurred During Shipping

Unlike cardboard boxes which sometimes incur dents along the way, these custom tubes are made from denser and thicker cardboard walls. They provide superior protection from dents, bumps, and accidental drops that may occur during the shipment process. Unlike the regular packaging square boxes that sometimes arrive with dents or small holes, shipping tubes are specifically designed to fully protect the items inside. This is because it has a thicker built and the shape itself does not bend or dent easily.

This tubular packaging material comes in a wide range of length and thickness, and can also be purchased and acquired in various diameters. It can perfectly fit whatever you are shipping to prevent any possible damage.

Shipping Tubes Can be Used Over and Over

A heavy-duty packaging material, shipping tubes can be used several times to serve its purpose. They can be recycled as many times as you want because they are manufactured to last longer than the normal square box. They do have limitations though, and only certain items can be placed and fitted inside, but this slight drawback cannot undermine its overall serviceability.

More than being a packaging material, mailing tubes can also be re-used in a number of ways. It can be recycled and turned into useful DIY projects to keep your things organized. It can be cut into small and equally sized pieces to organize socks or undergarments in your drawers or cut in varying lengths and stacked together to keep your desk clean.

Quality Custom Tubes for Your Parcels

Custom Tubes

Every sender’s goal is to be able to deliver documents complete and in good condition. And, the best thing to do is to enclose it in a container that best fits its dimensions.

If the document to be delivered is confidential and is highly important, you should never send it out without any protection. If you are able to send in the documents properly to your receiver, just imagine how much relief you could get from doing so.

The Importance of Keeping Documents in Tubes

Listed below is the importance of placing your documents in mailing tubes.


Nobody wants to have others peeking in their parcels, most especially if it is highly confidential. Whether it is a personal document or a business document, confidentiality in sending documents is really important.

Just imagine getting reprimanded for having a leak of information because one person in your courier service is an acquaintance of your company’s competitor. All this happened because you sent the document with full trust and in bare sight. This incident might just bring in a great loss to your company. So avoid doing so.


As your documents travel to its destination, it goes through a lot of hurdles. The truck carrying it might travel a bumpy road so if your document is not protected and placed in a sturdy mailing tube, it might end up smashed and crumpled. And there is no way to bring it back to its original phase.

Avoid Mishandles

If by chance the courier services mishandled you document by accidentally falling it, you can have your documents protected if it is placed in a mailing tube.

Benefits of Using Mailing Tubes

Here are three benefits of using mailing tubes.


Mailing tubes are made from materials that are durable and reusable. You can reuse them as many times as you can and deliver a different type of documents inside it. This factor is one good reason why you should invest in mailing or custom tubes.


Aside from being one good reason to use mailing tubes, security is also a benefit you can get from using it. Custom and mailing tubes will prevent others from looking through your documents.


Another benefit of using mailing tubes is that they are customizable. With custom tubes, you can order specially made mailing tubes that best fits your documents and other shippable items. The advantage of this is that if the object is housed in perfect and exact dimensions, there is lesser room for it to be easily damaged by outside forces.

Hidden Uses of Fiber Tubes


Do you know that fiber tubes are more than just tubes that are mostly used for your tissue papers at home? If not, and then this is your chance to discover the hidden, yet amazing uses of these fiber tubes!

First, what is a fiber tube? As the name suggests, fiber tube is a “tube” made from “fiber”. This means that these are the cylindrical container used in different industries, which are created through the continuous wrapping of cardboards on a shaft to form a strong tube.

Now, that you know what a fiber tube is, how important is this in the society? Although cardboards are underrated, these tubes are widely used in the society and different businesses and industries today. Do you want to find out what are its uses? Check this out!

Mailing or Shipping Tubes

Aside from the obvious use of these fiber tubes as the center of the toilet papers, these are also used for shipping and mailing. In fact, custom tubes are the most effective way of sending important documents. Unlike the normal parcels and envelopes provided by couriers, these mailing and shipping tubes are a stronger container. Because these are made from wood pulp fibers that were wrapped simultaneously, mailing and shipping tubes can protect the documents from dents and damages, provided that the end cap is cardboard, plastic, or metal.

Usually, blueprints, posters, and banners are the documents that require mailing and shipping tubes.

Retail Packaging

Who would forget the iconic cylindrical retail packaging of your favorite American potato snack chips? Fiber tubes are also used as the main retail packaging of a certain product. Now, there is proof that fiber tubes are not just part of the product, but also the branding of the product. Aside from being the retail packaging of the famous potato chips and other foods, fiber tubes are also used as the packaging of perfume, cosmetics, and other beauty products. Somehow, a cylindrical container increases the elegance, sophistication, appearance, and overall appeal to the consumers of the product.


Since fiber tubes are used as mailing or shipping tubes and retail packaging, you may want to reuse your cylindrical containers. Just like the shipping boxes, custom tubes can be used as a storage container for your personal stuff. If shipping boxes can hold a variety of items, including clothes, shoes, vases, display items, small furniture, and cooking wares, shipping tubes can definitely take care of the important, yet smaller stuff at home. You can store your documents (of course!), jewelry, and mobile accessories such as earphones and phone chargers in a mailing tube.

In addition to that, fiber tubes can definitely be recycled and repurposed into DIY projects.

Practical Ways to Recycle Custom Tubes

Custom Tubes

If you regularly receive artworks, posters, or other documents encased in cardboard custom tubes do not throw them away. Apart from reusing them to keep papers that you do not want to be folded, there are a dozen practical ways you can recycle cardboard tubes such as the following:

  • Cord Organizer. Unkept computer, television, radio, or other gadget cords can be a total eyesore. Instead of bundling them up and tying with a rubber band or nylon cord, you can use several fiber tubes to organize them. Simply make sure both ends of all tubes are open and then decorate them using colored papers or stickers and place one folded cord per tube. You can label them accordingly for easy identification and use.

  • Wrinkle-Prevention Tool. Avoid wrinkles and creases on your pants and skirts when you hang them by simply attaching a cardboard tube on a hanger. This way you can be sure that your pants and skirts would be wrinkle-free all the time.

  • Seedling Nursery. Instead of buying small pots to grow seedlings for your garden, you can use a couple of custom tubes. Just cut them according to your desired height, fill them with garden soil, drop your seeds, and your all set.

  • Artistic Piece. Exercise your creative muscles by creating a wall art using cut-up rolls of cardboard tubes. Simply glue them together to create interesting patterns and shapes. Color them in hues that complement your wall paint and you will have an art piece that you can show your friends.

  • Drawer Organizer. If you have a lot of accessories or personal items inside your drawer and you are finding it hard to keep them in order, you can create a drawer organizer using several packaging tubes. Just cut them much shorter than the height of your drawer, glue several tubes together, and place them in your drawer. You can then use each compartment to keep your jewelry, scarves, and other accessories.

  • Parking Garage for Toy Cars. For your little boys who have tons of die-cast cars and other vehicle toys, you can create a parking garage by using several mailing tubes. Get a wooden crate and let it stand. Cut a couple of tubes that will fill the crate and glue them together. Let your child design his garage and fill each tube with his toy cars.

The ideas mentioned above are just some of the best ways you can reuse old fiber tubes. Without a doubt with a little imagination and a dash of creativity, you can find more ways to use those versatile cardboard tubes lying in your home.

Product Image with Custom Designed Mailing Tubes

Custom Designed Mailing Tubes

If you are in the paper or poster business, having custom designed mailing tubes is a necessity. Of course, there are almost unlimited types of contents that will fit inside the tube. Although retailers and distributors carry standard sizes, you can order from manufacturers to customize the dimension of the high volume of mail tubes.

Custom designed mailing tubes allow you to personalize your service. With your brand imprinted in the canister, it evokes a certain type of professionalism and luxury compared to your standard receptacle.

Make sure, however, that you are dealing with a manufacturer that has a reputation for quality. Unfortunately, not all cardboard tubes are created the same. You might be compromising quality if you insist on being cheap. In the same vein, affordability and quality are not mutually exclusive. This is why due diligence is important for you to find the perfect distributor who will offer both.

Plus, quality-made products ensure longevity. Like it or not, you are going to be judged by the superiority of the receptacle.

Imagine the PR nightmare when you ship the order to your customer and it arrives in tatters just because the mail tube is substandard? As an added bonus, the customer can reuse over and over again the mail tube. Remember, it has your logo in it so you basically get free advertising.

Size matters, too. A small item in a big tube is a bad mix. The cardboard canister should be able to hold the contents in place. That means the item doesn’t shift and move around during transport in order to minimize the chance of damage.

Thinking about using the US Postal Service to ship your custom designed mailing tubes? Consider these tips:

  • You will need to input the size of the tube in some zip codes so you will get the accurate rate

  • If the weight of the contents in the mailing tube is less than 16 oz., you can use the First Class Package Service

  • You can also send overseas through the International Shipping Label.

  • After closing the tube, you are required to tape the ends with a packing tape

Customized orders will only make sense if you order a high volume of mail tubes, as everything operates on a scale. It’s also a way to protect the contents inside—particularly when you are dealing with delicate items. High-quality pipes ensure that the orders reach the intended customer in one piece.

A Second Life for Custom Designed Mailing Tubes

Custom Designed Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes have many uses for business. They are a great way of shipping papers, posters and other types of products that do not fit in a typical round box. Custom designed mailing tubes can include graphics that can help market a business or a product. Custom mailers can come in different sizes. The diameter of the tubes can vary as can the length of the tubes They have many different uses when it comes to shipping products.

Custom tubes can serve the business that needs to send products well, but what happens to the tubes once they have finished that task. These tubes are usually made of a sturdier cardboard product and can last for years once they have been used initially. The worst thing that can be done is to throw these tubes in the trash. That is not what the business that printed its logo or other graphics wants to happen. They want that tube to live a long time and to allow plenty of people to see what they took the time to print on the tube.

The solution to avoiding the dumpster for custom designed mailing tubes is for people to learn alternative uses for them. These are some of the ways to consider.

  • Reuse them for what they were designed to do – The easiest thing is to use them the way they were designed, to hold posters and papers in. Many have old posters that they do not want to get rid of, but have no way to store them without ruining them. Turn to the tubes to solve that problem.
  • Cut the tubes to create storage holders. Small sections of a tube placed in a square box are a great way to organize pens, pencils, scissor and other like items.
  • Store plastic bags – Open up both ends of the tube and shove the plastic grocery bags inside from the top. When you need a plastic bag, pull it out from the bottom of the tube.
  • Make a toy box – Get a large wooden crate. Cut the tubes to a size that is the same height as the crate. Fit the tubes inside the crate. It is a great way to store toys, cars and other similar toys and it will look great in any kid’s room.
  • Recycle – If no use can be found for the custom tubes, the very least that should be done is sending them off to be recycled.

Use Fiber Tubes for Shipping Documents

Fiber Tubes

When your business has worked hard to manufacture a product, you don’t want it to be crushed or damaged during shipping. This danger is especially relevant when you are shipping items such as papers, documents, posters, or paintings. These products are too large to fit inside a traditional shipping box, and you run the risk of them being damaged if you use a flat container—such as a large envelope—to ship them.

For this reason, we provide custom designed mailing tubes of all shapes and sizes for use in shipping flat products such as posters and documents. These fiber tubes are durable and rugged, and can stand up to the wear and tear to which they will be exposed as they travel through the mail from your business to your customer.

Further, using custom designed mailing tubes will help you keep costs to the absolute minimum that they have to be: if you use a box large enough to hold the flat product you are shipping, the box will have a significant amount of dead space inside it. This wasted space will require the use of more cardboard for the construction of the box and will cost more to ship than a fiber tube designed for the purpose of shipping flat items.

Fiber tubes are strong enough that you don’t have to worry about them being crushed or bent. Because of their makeup, and especially because of their shape, they tend to transfer the stresses placed on them to the next item in the shipping container rather than absorbing that force—at the risk of being crushed or bent.

Finally, you want your customers to know that you are a savvy business. It would make no sense at all to ship your customers a flat product in a large box, and you can be assured that your customers know this. You don’t want to leave the impression that your business is unprofessional or employs questionable judgment, so make sure that you use custom designed mailing tubes for your flat-product shipping needs.

Our fiber tubes come in a variety of sizes and are all high-quality, so spend some time browsing through our offerings to make sure that you purchase the product that most closely fits your needs. We are here to help, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

What Custom Designed Mailing Tubes are Good For

Custom Designed Mailing Tubes

They are taking up room in many businesses and in many people’s homes and it leads people to wonder what custom designed mailing tubes are good for. Unlike other cardboard boxes that fold flat and are easy to store, mailing tubes are not as easy to store. Their round shape means that require more space and they can easily roll away if they are not stored properly. Despite this, many businesses have figured out what the advantages of this type of packaging is and they continue to use it.

The Advantages

It will surprise people to find out that custom tubes offer many advantages. From the materials used to making the tubes, to the size of the tube to the ability to include graphics on the tube, there are many things that these packaging materials offer.

  • Materials – The materials used for the mailing tubes can vary. While most tubes are made of cardboard, they can also include other materials such as metal to increase the amount of protection that they offer.
  • The Size – Custom designed mailing tubes can come in many different sizes. The length of the tube, the diameter of the tube, the size of the end cap and many other parts of the tube can be custom fit to the product that is being held inside. The result is a product that is delivered without any damage.
  • The Graphics – Adding graphics to the tubes are easy when they are custom designed. Different colors, logos, and printed information can all be added to the tube to enhance the marketing of the product inside.

Choosing the Right Tubes

While many people imagine that all mailing tubes are the same, it does not take long to realize they are mistaken. Custom tubes come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They can have an open end or a close end. They can be crimped, they can be telescopic. They can be a rectangular or triangular tube. It is possible to have the custom tube that fits whatever is supposed to be inside.

Mailing tubes may not be right for all products. But when you are trying to send posters that can be rolled up or something that is long and thin like a fishing rod, the mailing tubes are a much better choice. As long as a person or business can overcome the few shortcomings of the tubes and learn about the advantages, they will soon find out how valuable a shipping tool these tubes are.

How to Find Custom Designed Mailing Tubes

Finding a box for shipping is not a difficult thing to do. People that want to ship something out of their home will probably have a box lying around that they can use. Businesses may have a need for more boxes than an individual does, but they also can usually find the boxes they want. Mailing tubes are also used for shipping, but are not always as easy to find as a standard box, but they are not too hard to get either.

Mailing tubes can be used for many different things. They are often used to hold posters or large rolls of paper. In general, mailing tubes are perfectly designed to handle items that are long and thin. When most people think about mailing tubes, they assume that there is a one size fits all type of tube. Either the tubes are the brown cardboard color or they may have some other solid color that has been added to the tube, typically white. Not everyone realizes that it is possible to get custom designed mailing tubes, which can help a business in a variety of ways.


Custom designed mailing tubes can come in the size that is needed for what they are holding. Having the right sized tube means the products can fit inside properly. The contents of the tube will be less likely to shift around and will be able to protect the contents from damage better.


Litho laminate tubes allow a business to add graphics to the tubes. The graphic can be used to help a business build their brand. It can make the mailing tube more noticeable when it is in transit or after it has been delivered.

Getting the tubes

Businesses that realize how the litho laminate tubes can help their business will then wonder what they have to do to find them. Fortunately, there are manufacturers of these products. It is usually possible to find a manufacturer of the tubes in the same place that other more traditional boxes are made. A business should talk to these box manufacturers to find out how the tubes are designed and what it would take to get them made for the business.

It is best to look for companies that have experience making the mailing tubes. They should also be able to make large and small quantities of the tubes for the business. The downside of tubes to some is the storage of the tubes. They do require more space than boxes so smaller quantities may be an important factor in choosing the right supplier of the mailing tubes.

What are Custom Designed Mailing Tubes?

Mailing tubes have been around for a long time. Most people are familiar with them. They are typically made out of stiff cardboard and are cylindrical in shape. One end of the tube has a cap in place that allows the user to open and put items in the tubes. The tubes are used for shipping papers, drawings and other similar products. The tubes offer good protection and can deliver their contents without damaging them. It may seem like it is simple to choose mailing tubes, but there is a better option.

Instead of getting standard size mailing tubes in a plain brown or white color, it may be a better idea to turn to custom designed mailing tubes. These can be a much more cost effective way for a business to ship the products that demand this type of packaging. It is a good idea to learn what these tubes offer and why they are the right choice.

Custom designed mailing tubes can be made to any size that is needed. The length and the diameter of the tubes can be made to fit the products they are going to hold. One of the goals of any product packaging is to protect the contents inside. If standard sized mailing tubes are used, they may or may not be the right size. The products inside will either not be adequately protected or they will require additional packaging materials to protect them. Either way, the business is not getting what they need for their products.

Another advantage of the custom tubes is the ability to use different materials. Fiber tubes can provide even more strength and protection. They can be coated to make them water resistant. When fiber tubes are used, the contents inside will get to their destination without being damaged.

The biggest advantage of the custom mailing tubes is the ability to add graphics. Instead of a plain colored mailing tube, graphics can be added that make it stand out. The graphics can help with branding or marketing for the company. They can be used to identify what is inside. The graphics present another opportunity for a business to advertise what they are and what they do.

It is time to stop thinking about mailing tubes in a basic way. The use of custom mailing tubes makes sense. They are a cost effective and efficient way to ship products and to market a company.

Mail Tube Types and Purpose

After handling, vehicle carriers, conveyer belts, flights combined with the multitude of other items also being shipped, delicate documents can easily be crushed and damaged. Implement a corrugated mail tube for security, protection, efficiency, while reducing your shipping cost.

As old as the invention of writing, documents carried from one person or place to another soon followed. The first documented courier service for transportation dates back to Egypt. Scrolls were a common form, retaining the original shape of the papyrus simply by rolling up the article, and almost always delivered undamaged by the use of a seal.

Today, many documents must still stay intact, unfolded with the least damage possible. This could include maps, blueprints, charts, posters, artwork or fabric. Mailing a typical size poster of 18″ x 24″ in an envelope is unpractical and cumbersome. Rolling the same poster, as scrolls once were, is still the most feasible and beneficial way of mailing.

Hence, the mail tube is still being used today. The mailing tube, a simple cylinder hollow design, keeps the rolled document rolled and intact. Because the tubes for mailing is cylinder shape, it is equally strong in tension and compression. The tube mailing material itself is hard to bend. Its stiff corrugated thick composition withstand exterior pressure making mailing tubes an ideal shape for massive shipping and handling.

The tubes for mailing are commonly made of corrugated brown cardboard. Its an optimal lightweight material, which efficiently keeps the shipping and material cost down. Prior to shipping, a round metal or plastic is used to seal the shipping tubes. An alternative is a snap seal tube which eliminates the metal or plastic end caps altogether. Whichever shipping tube you choose to secure each end, know that the documents itself are left unharmed and undamaged.

Advance the possibilities and fabricate custom tubes. As a form of advertisement, a custom tube can be produced at the diameter and desired length. Its exterior can be visually maximized by implementing the 4 color process tubes. Simply put, most of the entire color spectrum can be produced with the 4 color process tubes.

Litho-laminate tubes generate the highest level of photo realistic graphics. The Litho-laminated tubes multi-color graphics are die cut and glued onto the finished mailing tubes. To convey a consistent product, company or brand image, utilize the high quality and realistic litho-laminate tubes for shipping and marketing.