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Advantages Of Using Tubes For Mailing

Custom Mailing Tube
Though not often used as much as boxes and envelopes, a mailing tube is a great way to send out documents or posters. You can roll them up and place them inside the rigid tube to prevent them from becoming wrinkled or folded. They can also be used to package small delicate items though this will likely require the use of filler or wrapping paper to help provide additional cushioning from damage that could be caused by the items rattling around inside the tube. Here are some issues to consider when opting to use these tubes for mailing.

The shape of a mailing tube and the overall experience

Mailing tubes come in several designs and shapes. You can easily find them in cylindrical shapes, but also in triangular and square designs. Though less common, these shapes are great for maximizing space as you can stack them more easily against each other. Triangular mailing tubes can also be opened from the side rather than requiring a person to access the documents from the ends. So, depending on your space-saving needs and the type of items you want to ship, you may need to factor in what shape of mailing tube to use.

Customization of tubes for mailing

Fortunately, mailing tubes can be customized much the same way as boxes. You can work with a manufacturer to have them customized in terms of size and shape. You can also customize graphics to make their appearance more unique and in keeping with your branding. Even where you may opt for standard mailers from shippers, you can use labels to improve their appearance and share branding messages and artwork.

The mailing tube and the unboxing experience

Tubes for mailing are not just convenient for shipping documents. They also make for a more interesting unboxing experience as compared to when opening up a regular box or envelope. If you want to impress the recipient of the package, you should consider using these tubes as they are an unexpected design that can make for a fun and intriguing experience.

Shipping costs of tubes for mailing

Mailing tubes are typically considered to be irregular packages by shippers. This classification of packaging that differs from standard box shapes means that you will likely pay more for shipping even though they might take up less space and be of lighter weight. Since this extra cost may vary from shipper to shipper, it is advisable to shop around for which carrier you will use. You may find that the costs can also vary depending on the destination of the tube.

Easy-to-Use Custom Shipping Tubes

Telescoping Mailing Tubes with metal ends
Does your company have the constant need to ship something using mailing tubes? The industry has a lot of different size and different custom printed mailing tubes to fit your specification.

Mailing tubes can be used to ship artwork, vintage posters, banners, graphics, posters, maps, blue printers, calendars, wood molding, tooling parts, and other elongated items. Recycled paperboards are used to produce spiral mailing tubes creating a sturdy packaging material.

Tubes for mailing can be customized to meet the specifications of each customer using different materials, shapes, and thickness. These packaging tubes are manufactured, combining high-quality materials protecting your product during shipping.

Features of Shipping Tubes that Make them Stand Out

Mailing tubes are available in varying features and in different styles to enhance usability and protection. The adjustable and flexible tubes allow insertion of items from the middle. You can also customize their length depending on the material that you want to keep inside the mailing tubes.

Padded mailing tubes provide protection against bumps and rough handling during shipping. The tubes have the features including seal and press closures. This reduces the requirement for additional packing materials. All you need is removing the back so that the package stays sealed completely.

Tubes with end caps make sure the seal is tight, and it allows the items to stay immobile until they are removed. The spiral round construction and reinforced corners offer added protection to these mailing shipping tubes.

The Many Different Tube Shapes

  • Here are some of the different shapes of shipping tubes:
  • The round shapes for mailing boxes protect photos, blueprints, and posters.
  • The triangular-shaped ones protect simple packaging and prevent rolling.
  • The square tubes offer enhanced space for those items, which are shaped differently. They reduce the requirement of using boxes that are very large for those items.
  • Flat and bags tubes offer sturdy option and rip resistant that keep wallpaper and fabric safe.

Durability Options when Choosing a Mailing Material

You can get tubes for mailing in various durability options. You can select them depending on the protection level that you require for the contents that need to be shipped. They are lightweight as well as durable and thick. The tubes provide adequate protection for sturdy items, which are not susceptible to damages.

The standard tubes retain photos, blueprints, and documents free from wrinkles and damage. Heavy duty tubes may be considered for soft items that require additional protection. Metal rods and industrial parts may be shipped because mailing tubes provide enhanced durability and minimize the risk of damage and bending during shipping.