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Mail Tube Types and Purpose

After handling, vehicle carriers, conveyor belts, flights combined with the multitude of other items also being shipped, delicate documents can easily be crushed and damaged. Implement a corrugated mail tube for security, protection, efficiency, while reducing your shipping cost.

As old as the invention of writing, documents carried from one person or place to another soon followed. The first documented courier service for transportation dates back to Egypt. Scrolls were a common form, retaining the original shape of the papyrus simply by rolling up the article, and almost always delivered undamaged by the use of a seal.

Today, many documents must still stay intact, unfolded with the least damage possible. This could include maps, blueprints, charts, posters, artwork or fabric. Mailing a typical size poster of 18″ x 24″ in an envelope is unpractical and cumbersome. Rolling the same poster, as scrolls once were, is still the most feasible and beneficial way of mailing.

Hence, the mail tube is still being used today. The mailing tube, a simple cylinder hollow design, keeps the rolled document rolled and intact. Because the tubes for mailing is cylinder shape, it is equally strong in tension and compression. The tube mailing material itself is hard to bend. Its stiff corrugated thick composition withstand exterior pressure making mailing tubes an ideal shape for massive shipping and handling.

The tubes for mailing are commonly made of corrugated brown cardboard. Its an optimal lightweight material, which efficiently keeps the shipping and material cost down. Prior to shipping, a round metal or plastic is used to seal the shipping tubes. An alternative is a snap seal tube which eliminates the metal or plastic end caps altogether. Whichever shipping tube you choose to secure each end, know that the documents itself are left unharmed and undamaged.

Advance the possibilities and fabricate custom tubes. As a form of advertisement, a custom tube can be produced at the diameter and desired length. Its exterior can be visually maximized by implementing the 4 color process tubes. Simply put, most of the entire color spectrum can be produced with the 4 color process tubes.

Litho-laminate tubes generate the highest level of photo realistic graphics. The Litho-laminated tubes multi-color graphics are die cut and glued onto the finished mailing tubes. To convey a consistent product, company or brand image, utilize the high quality and realistic litho-laminate tubes for shipping and marketing.

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