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What is a Custom Die Cut Box?

When it comes to shipping items in a box, you may think that a standard cardboard box would be acceptable. Most of the time it is, but what about items that are fragile or require a little extra attention so they stay safe during travel? There are many items that are far too elaborate for the typical standard box. Customization of boxes can come in handy just for these reasons alone and a custom die cut box may be just the proper solution that you have been searching for.

The actual die cutting process consists of sharp steel knives, cutting various materials such as paper, cardboard, foam, etc. into different shapes and sizes. By utilizing this process, one is able to properly package materials within their own specified compartments within a box, therefore creating a safe and effective way to ship materials. Think about the inside of a box of glasses, you will find a cardboard insert along with some foam which create smaller spaces for the glasses to sit in to prevent them from breaking. This in turn saves exorbitant amounts of money for the shipper and the consumer does not have to be concerned about a broken product within.

Similar to other customized boxes, custom printed die cut boxes are available as well. We are able to create and manufacture boxes to meet your specific criteria and needs. Not only will the product be safe within the cardboard box, it will look like a higher end product from the outside also. Custom die cut boxes also allow one to organize and keep track of parts within a box as well. Say for instance you have an item that has several smaller items that go along with it. In a customized box with die cut inserts, one will easily be able to spot all of the pieces and ensure that everything arrived safely.

Since custom die cut boxes offer such protection and stability during the shipping process, manufacturers in turn can expect fewer ‘returned and damaged items’ overall, saving money. The die cutting process is also comparable to the cookie cutter effect which in turn cuts down man hours, which also saves money. Despite the expensive look of die cut custom boxes, these types of boxes generally cost less than other custom boxes. Get the most for your money and check out what Cactus Corrugated Container has to offer you!

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