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How To Get Shipping Boxes On The Cheap

shipping and packing materialsIt can often help when you can access shipping boxes cheaply or for free. The quality and desired specifications may not be up to the standard of what you would get if you bought customized options from a box maker. However, it can be a helpful measure when you need to cut shipping costs.

Visit Local Stores

Most retail stores take delivery of merchandise in shipping boxes. The more often they receive deliveries, the more boxes they will have for disposal. Get there early or simply ask when they will put out the boxes so you can pick what you want. Some stores may charge a small fee, but many do not. There is also the chance you may find the boxes have been damaged, possibly during transit or unpacking. You need to assess the damage to see if the box is still viable for reuse.

Check with Shippers

Shippers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS do offer some level of free shipping materials that can include shipping boxes. You make your inquiries online or visit a local branch to find out how much you can get. If the items you are shipping are however heavy or fragile, these materials may not be the best option. They tend to be flimsy and best used for commodities that can withstand a little careless handling.

Comparison Shop

If you need a more tailored option, then you will need to buy from a shipping box supplier or manufacturer. To secure the best deal requires that you do some comparison shopping. This means you first need to identify suppliers in your area and request a quote. You will need to send them the specifications of what you want and possibly wait on a sample to be sent. Do not be afraid to seek quotations from suppliers that are far away. Many will offer free shipping even out of state so you lose nothing by asking them to give you a quote.

Order in Bulk

Keep in mind that the best pricing comes from being able to buy in bulk. If your business has a strong need for shipping supplies due to a high level of orders, you should consider a bulk purchase that will save you a good sum in the mid to long term. Just ensure you have enough storage space. Given that boxes for shipping are typically made of cardboard, they can be flattened and fit in even small spaces.

Effectively Showcasing Branding On A Printed Shipping Box

Custom Size Shipping BoxA printed shipping box can help a business to easily display all kinds of branding. From logos to QR codes, you can add just about any message on custom printed shipping boxes. When appropriately done, this can help to boost brand visibility and make your business more recognizable to consumers.

The extra cost involved in ordering custom boxes is easily recovered when factoring in how much exposure can promote your business and lead to greater sales and profitability. Never underestimate the value of a good-looking box, especially in an age when more and more consumers are opting to shop remotely. Here are a few approaches you can use to better display branding on your custom printed shipping boxes.

Print On Top

It may seem instinctual to want to print branding on the sides of your box. This is however more suitable where the box size is larger and the customer will spend more time looking at it from the side. for smaller packages, it is ideal to ensure some branding on the top side which the customer will spend more time looking at. It also makes for a good visual during the unboxing experience. You can easily display the name of the brand, company, and logo on this top side.

Another benefit is that the top side tends to suffer the least damage during shipping. There are more bumps and exposure to moisture on the bottom and sides. The top side tends to remain unsullied, making it the ideal surface on which to display branding.

Include Social Media Links

For potential customers that will only catch a glimpse of your box, it can help to provide social media links. Where it is displaying your Facebook page name or a QR code that will take them to your social media platforms, there are multiple ways you can work this into your box design. Social media has become the dominant type of site visited by consumers, so besides establishing a presence here, you also need to publicize so people know where to find you.

Custom Shipping Tape

You can boost your branding by investing in custom shipping tape. You can have your logo, brand, or company name incorporated, making for yet another way to boost visibility. You can also have the tape customized in terms of color. This can be particularly helpful where you have distinct colors used in your logo design. The same applies if you use distinct colors in other types of branding that have become closely associated with your business.

Limit the Damage to a Corrugated Box

Incorporate these extra safety measures for maximum preservation.

The corrugated box has a stellar reputation for offering excellent protection as product packaging. This is what makes it a top choice for most businesses shipping products, alongside its affordability and versatility in design. But even with their good reputation, corrugated boxes can still do with a little extra help in protecting contents.  

We have all seen videos of delivery personnel and airport staff mishandling packages. To help boost the chances that the items arrive in a safe condition, it may be worthwhile considering these safety tips.  

Choose The Right Corrugated Box 

For heavy and more delicate items, consider choosing the strongest corrugated carton variety. Double and triple-walled boxes are a good option. The extra fluting means thicker walls that will better insulate the contents and provide extra protection in case of perforation. The added layers will also be helpful if there is exposure to moisture. It will make it harder for the liquid to get into the products packaged inside. Heavier boxes are also ideal where there will be stacking during shipping. They are better able to support the added weight of other boxes placed on top.  


The edges of boxes tend to sustain the most damage during transit and storage. It is a good idea to reinforce them to limit the risk of damage. You can easily accomplish this by taping up the edges. Strapping tape is the best option when it comes to reinforcing a heavy corrugated box. It has added strength, durability, and flexibility that make it ideal for such work. Lighter boxes can adequately be secured using carton sealing packing tape. Water-activated tape should be considered where you have security concerns as it tightly seals itself to the corrugated carton, making it obvious when it has been tampered with.  

Stack Safely 

If your shipment is going out on a pallet, ensure that the packages have been stacked correctly and tied down where necessary. The last thing you need is for anything to topple over. Ensure that all the packages are stacked with the heaviest at the bottom and closer to the center. Nothing should be sticking out past the edge of the pallet. Also, try to ensure that there is even weight distribution to avoid the risk of the pallet tipping over.  

Wrap Up Contents 

Where items are being shipped over long distances and during bad weather conditions, there is an increased risk they may end up being exposed to moisture. Even where the box has thick walls, enough moisture exposure can lead to water penetrating deep. Form a habit of wrapping any delicate items like books and electronics in plastic wrap before placing them in the box. That way, even if water gets through, your items remain safe from damage.  

Alluring Cardboard Corrugated Displays

corrugated display box

Box Type: Counter Top Display box with a side brochure holder.

Corrugated display boxes have become a great way for businesses to promote their products. When strategically placed and well-designed, they can easily draw the attention of shoppers and tempt them to pick up an item displayed. This is what you want as this trying out a product is what can inspire them to buy it repeatedly. A challenge when you consider that you are already likely to be competing against older and already popular brands. So what can you do to better capture the attention and interest of shoppers? Here are a few handy design tips for your cardboard corrugated displays. 

Understand Your Target Audience 

Different types of shoppers will be attracted to different kinds of designs. This can be related to their gender, age, or even just how they would perceive the particular product. For instance, when trying to market a milk product, white colors will often need to be prominently used to attest to the purity of the product. On the other hand, when it comes to snack items for kids, more playful and colorful tones should be used, with the cardboard corrugated displays positioned at a lower level where they can capture the eye of children. It is important to have a good understanding of what different designs features will appeal to your target audience.  


Knowing where and how best to display your items is also key. As said, products targeting children should be displayed where they can easily see them. Placing them on high counters can mean losing out on your target market. Floor showcase displays are larger and as the name indicates will sit on the floor. They are ideal where you want to display your products in a more isolated location, away from the competition. Countertop displays are also good when targeting the more mature shopper who will be the one to pay at the counter. It is best for small items like cigarettes and candy. Endcap displays are usually placed at the end of aisles. They are also good where you want to display your offering away from the competition as it imparts a stronger presence.  

Incorporate Artwork 

Your corrugated display boxes should do more than just be a shelf for products you want to promote. Their design should include artwork that tallies with your brand image and the impression you want to make with shoppers. An aesthetic appeal will have a strong impact on the success of these displays so definitely consider incorporating some graphics, imagery, or other visually appealing artwork to complement your product and draw the avid attention of shoppers. 


Custom Mailer Boxes for High-End Items

Custom mailer Marquis

High-end products like custom watches and perfumes tend to be small but valuable. It is important to carefully choose their packaging so that it not only appeals to the target market but also adequately protects the contents within. Cardboard mailer boxes are amongst the best options for high-end products. They offer several benefits that make them ideal for use in this market segment.  

Lightweight Material 

Cardboard mailer boxes are lightweight yet strong. This means the use of this packaging does not add much to the cost of shipping that is typically pegged on the weight of the parcel. With lower shipping costs the business can secure higher profits.  This is especially beneficial if the business runs an e-commerce platform and needs to have its products shipped to the buyer.  

Custom Designs 

Unlike plain cardboard boxes, mailer boxes are typically customized in a variety of styles. This can make it easy to make your brand stand out by adding colors, imagery, and other printing. Design features like embossing can also be added to introduce a more luxurious feel. You should discuss your options with your box maker who can likely help develop designs that will appeal to your target market. There are many shapes and sizes to also choose from so you can better fit whatever product within the box.  

Secure Transport 

Easy fold mailer boxes are designed to be self-locking. You do not need to seal the edges with tape or glue to close them tight. This ensures that the contents are unlikely to fall out and should arrive at their destination in good shape. The box walls are also designed to be sturdy, meaning they can better tolerate rough handling. Where the product does not fill the interior of the box, there are also often custom inserts that ensure the stability of the items.  

Standalone Packaging 

Mailer boxes do not require you to add any external packaging. you can simply pack up the contents, close the box and label the address for delivery. It is even easier if the products are being bought from a store. Mailer boxes are great for presentation and do not need additional flourishes if being given as a gift. They often have appealing designs tailored to the kind of product and target market. 


Mailer boxes are made of cardboard that is easy to recycle, reuse, and is biodegradable. These qualities tend to appeal to many demographics as more and more people become concerned about how their activities affect the environment.  

How To Choose A Custom Box Maker

Cactus Corrugated Containers 804 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd. #117 San Marcos, California U.S.A. 92069


Whatever business you do that requires you to deliver products to clients will naturally mean that you need packaging. Even for those that run physical stores where shoppers will carry home their own purchases, some type of packaging is expected. The demands are higher when you have an e-commerce platform and have to make deliveries to various destinations. Hence the need for a custom box maker that can match up to you and your shoppers’ demands. Here are a few tips on how to find the right choice of box maker.  

Discuss with Fellow Traders 

Whether your business is online or in a shopfront, you will exist within some type of business community. It is advisable to tap into their experience and knowledge to find out what custom box manufacturer they work with. Focus on those businesses that work within the same sector as you or whose packaging you have seen and admired.  

Online Search 

This is another way you can easily find custom box makers. Many have invested in their online brand image and will have provided plenty of information on what they can do for you, including accommodating custom designs. You can narrow down your search to those suppliers that best fit your needs this way. You may even find that the best options are not based locally. Be sure to verify if the cost of shipping will be affected by this distance.  

Seek Quotes 

Because custom options will vary, you are unlikely to find detailed information on how much the design options you want will cost with just a simple online search. You will need to define the custom design you want and seek quotes from different custom box markers. Compare these prices but do not opt for the cheapest. Consider the reputation of the custom box manufacturer you are considering and carefully examine the sample of the product they provide. You can save money by opting to buy the boxes in bulk instead.  

Customer Service 

You will need a custom box maker that is reliable and responsive. Be sure to consider the customer service reputation of the supplier you choose. This will be an ongoing relationship and you should be confident they will treat your respectfully and be dependable. While mistakes may happen from time to time, the box maker must respond to issues in a timely and effective manner. This requires being communicative and having the capacity to find solutions so that the customer remains satisfied. Look up online reviews and testimonials to see how the manufacturer you are considering handles such concerns.  

Securing The Best Deal From Your Wholesale Boxes Manufacturer

wholesale boxes manufacturer

One of the best ways to maximize profits is to minimize costs. Lowering expenses will boost profit margins. This is why it is important to review expenditures every so often to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. There are often fluctuations in the market that can mean lower costs if you switch to another provider. For businesses that sell packaged products, one provider that should be regularly reviewed is your wholesale boxes manufacturer.  Here are some ways you can look into ensuring your packaging needs are being met at a competitive rate.  

Source for Quotes 

The market of box manufacturers is constantly in flux. There are new entrants that come in every so often, while others shut down. Even if you have not been affected by a manufacturer that has shut down, you can easily seek quotes from other businesses. The market is competitive and you may find someone offering a great introductory deal for the same quality of packaging as you already get. Seek out new deals to also see if there are any new technologies in the market you are not yet taking advantage of that would be beneficial to your business. Try to go wide with this. you can seek out suppliers of wholesale boxes in San Diego CA and beyond. Many that are states away may still offer deals that include free shipping if the order is big enough.  

Track Paper Prices 

Paper pricing can often fluctuate. Keeping an eye on this development can help in better timing your sourcing of quotes. You can even set up an alert on industry news for this purpose. Or, you can liaise with your box manufacturer to have them notify you when there is a fall in pricing so you know what effective date to target.  

Bargain with Your Preferred Manufacturer 

When you have several quotes in hand that indicate you can get a better deal elsewhere, you can use them to negotiate for a better deal with your existing supplier. Do not be too quick to make a switch if your existing manufacturer has been dependable. There can be value in preserving this business relationship, so take the opportunity to simply negotiate for lower pricing on your next order.  

Buy in Bulk 

The larger an order you place with your wholesale boxes manufacturer, the more they should lower the unit cost. If you have adequate storage space for packing materials, consider placing an order that will qualify you for bulk discounts.  

Merits of Using Triple Wall Shipping Boxes for Heavy Products

triple wall shipping box

The heavier the item and the longer the distance it will travel, the more protection that is needed for it to arrive in good condition. The strongest option lies in corrugated boxes. Businesses typically have to make a choice between double and triple wall shipping boxes. Here is why you should opt for the triple wall option whose construction is made up of three layers of fluting.  

Extra strength heavy duty shipping box triple wall

Triple wall shipping boxes are made using 5-ply construction that is stronger than what you get with double wall shipping boxes. This added strength helps to better protect the heavy and fragile items within. The rigid construction also means it is safer to shift these boxes using machinery and that they can easily be put through long-term storage.  

Protective thickness 

The extra thickness provided by additional fluting should not be underrated. It means that if the box is exposed to moisture, there is an added layer that will better prevent the liquid from getting to the contents. It also adds extra protection if the box is perforated. Whatever will pierce the material will find it harder to get to the contents as there will be more layers to get past.  


Triple wall boxes have a more robust construction that makes it safer to stack them, especially when the contents are not so heavy. Being able to stack boxes makes it easier to save on space when shipping and storing. Using up more vertical space in a shipping container can drastically reduce the cost of shipping, which means lower expenses for the shipper. Weighty cargo is costlier to transport if you cannot reduce the amount of floor space used in transit. This applies also when using shipping trucks.  

Easy assembly 

Single, double, and triple-walled boxes are very easy to set up for packing. Even as triple wall boxes have thicker dimensions and are stronger, they are quick and easy to assemble. This means that there is no extra struggle involved in utilizing them that would justify opting for

Better insulation 

The added fluting in triple wall boxes helps provide the best quality insulation. When you have products that require better temperature control, a triple-walled box will be the best option. There will be far less temperature fluctuation which can help safeguard delicate aspects of the product. More so during times when the weather conditions are more extreme, like in the middle of winter and summer months.  

Understanding How A Kraft Mailer Box Can Save Businesses Money

Kraft mailer boxWhen it comes to product packaging, many businesses will mistakenly opt for the cheapest deal. A plain corrugated box will often be chosen over a Kraft mailer box thanks to its affordability. However, despite the added expense, this choice can be financially beneficial to a business. Here’s why.

Better Protection

A Kraft mailer box is customized to perfectly fit around a particular product. Their design also often includes some kind of insert that will help keep the item stable inside the box. This good fit and stabilizing ensure better protection for the product. This is a big help when businesses need to ship their products to far-flung customer destinations. The longer the distance and the more hands that handle the package, the more likely damage may occur. The added stability and protection improves the chances the product will arrive at its final destination in good condition. Often when products are damaged in transit, it is for the seller to make a replacement at their own cost. Investing in quality packaging helps reduce such incidents and therefore saves the business money.

Lower Shipping Costs

The perfect fit of products within the mailer box ensures no space is wasted. Shipping costs often factor in the size of the package and its weight. When you can send out shipments in smaller boxes, it means you get to enjoy lower shipping costs. This is particularly important for businesses that run e-commerce platforms and depend more on online shoppers. Many offer free shipping, which means the cost has to be borne by the seller. Minimizing this expense is good for maintaining good profits.

Cheap Branding

Businesses can engage their box manufacturer to digitally printing brand messages on their choice of colored mailer box. They can incorporate logos, slogans, and brand colors in the design. Digital printing is often affordable and produces a neat finish that will impress customers. You do not have to pay for separate branding materials like custom labels or tape to get your message across.

Making The Right Impression

A mailer box offers a good fit without leaving wasted space that needs to be covered up with filer. It is not a satisfying feeling for customers when they have to dig through tons of wrapping paper and Styrofoam chips to get to the product. It can lead to a bad unboxing experience which can prompt bad reviews for the business. This can mean a loss of potential sales that will affect the bottom line. Mailers offer a more sophisticated box design that will easily impress and avoid the appearance that the brand is wasteful.

Why Invest In Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

Mailer-Corrugated--with-2-color-LithoCorrugated fiberboard boxes are often just referred to as corrugated boxes. They are the most popular type of box used to package products and ship them. for any business that has a physical product to offer, there is likely to be some form of packaging that will incorporate this corrugated fibre box material. Here are some of the key benefits that make it a top choice for packaging.


Most other packaging materials used to make boxes like plastic and wood are quite heavy. They add to the overall weight of a shipment when packaging, making the transport costs more expensive. This can prove costly to a business. A corrugated fibre box is however quite lightweight, despite even carrying heavy items like electronics. Its manufacture and shipping costs are much lower than other materials.

Strong Structure

Corrugated boxes have good tensile strength, especially with more flutes. This makes them generally safe for packaging and stacking. Fluting also helps give corrugated fiberboard boxes the rigidity that allows them to more easily retain their shape and have good crushing resistance. This strength also helps make them more easily reusable, especially if tearing and exposure to liquids are avoided.


The compression resistance that fluting gives helps to make these boxes more long-lasting. Not only can they be easily reused, but they can also be safely stored for long periods. This durability also means that they can be comfortably used for shipping items over long distances without fear the boxes will be easily damaged.

Good for Transit

During transit, packages can be subjected to all kinds of abuse. Rough roads and handling can mean the box is shaken and dropped severally along the way. Corrugated boxes have excellent shock absorbing qualities that help protect the contents from injury. They can often handle the most common mishandling and vibrations.

Easy Storage

Corrugated boxes can be easily flattened for storage. Most businesses have limited storage space to work with, so it helps when packaging materials can be easily manipulated to fit in small spaces. This quality and their lightweight nature mean that they are also cheap to ship from box manufacturers.

Environmentally Safe

Corrugated fiberboard is eco-friendly. Not only can it be reused multiple times, but it is also recyclable. This means it can be broken down and reused in the making of new boxes. This is a sustainable process that requires less energy and natural resources in making new boxes. It also helps to lower the cost of production without sacrificing all the other benefits of the material.

Advice For Small Businesses When Labeling A Shipping Box

shipping box

Correct labeling is crucial when shipping and packaging boxes to ensure a shipment safely gets to its desired destination in good time. Mistakes can often lead to delays and even failure to deliver entirely. This can prove costly to the business by requiring them to compensate the customer with another shipment and again pay for shipping. It can also damage the reputation of the business if it becomes known for unreliable fulfillment of orders. Here are some basic rules to abide by when labeling a shipping box.

Ensure Full Details

Carriers require certain basic information to fulfill delivery. The shipping label should contain all the information they need. It should be clearly legible and easy to understand. Printing the label is the best way to go rather than hand writing to avoid confusion. Ensure that it includes:

  • The name and full address of the sender and receiver
  • Weight of the package
  • Type of shipping service
  • Tracking information

Be sure to check with the carrier if there is any other information that should be added and if there are formatting and sizing requirements. Complying with their requirements will again help avoid confusion.

Position Correctly

Ensure the label is well displayed on the top surface of the box so that handlers can easily view information. Avoid placing it along seams or edges as this can cause them to easily come off and become damaged. Even the alteration of a single number or letter can create a problem.

Add A Spare

Consider adding another label to your shipping box on the interior. In case the one on the box is damaged, the shipper may opt to open the package for any information that can help. They can easily reseal the box for you once they obtain clarification. The same applies if the shipment goes to the wrong person. Once they open the box and realize the mistake, they can use the information inside to reroute the package.

One Label On Top

Reusing boxes for shipping and packaging materials is very common. Corrugated boxes hold up well to reuse when not damaged by tears or exposure to moisture. When reusing a box, be sure to take off the previous shipping label and other stickers. Stick on a new shipping label with the relevant updated details. Do not stick a new label on top of an older one. Work with a box you have cleaned up of all other shipping information.

Creating Successful Custom Packaging For Food Items

Food PackagingFood packaging has a strong impact on the buying decision of consumers. And in a market where there are so many options, it is important to develop custom packaging that works best for your product and brand, while appealing to consumers. An attractive custom printed box can stir the interest of a shopper and make their minds link it with reward.

Most food categories have many options to choose from so an effective packaging design will be necessary to make your brand stand out. The stronger the design, the more easily recognized the brand will become and easily influenced a shopper will be to choose them again. Here are some simple tips to helps ensure the development of effective custom packaging.

Ensure Clarity

When choosing a packaging design, it needs to make clear just what your product is and what distinguishes it from the other choices on the shelf. It is easy to distinguish food items by including imagery of their raw or ready-made form. Do not crowd the labeling with too many details, but ensure that what is pertinent in helping the shopper make a choice is included. For instance, many people are becoming health conscious and want to know if certain products contain added sugar. so while less is more, you will want to ensure they are quickly informed at a glance of what the contents are. You can look at top-performing products in your niche market to see what they are including in their packaging that appeals to consumers.

Form and Function

The design of a custom printed box should make it easy and helpful for the shopper that will buy it. They should be able to easily open it and reseal it if need be. Choose a packaging design that is convenient and practical. If the shopper is likely to store or retain it for a while even after opening, ensure the materials used are durable without being cumbersome.

Incorporate A Window

Being able to see the contents within is particularly helpful to shoppers who are dealing with a new product. They will want to assure themselves that it is similar to what they have used before. Not everyone gets to enjoy free samples so this peek behind the curtains is a good way to allow them to be more confident about what they are choosing. For older brands that are drastically redesigning their packaging, this transparent packaging can be another way to ensure repeat customers know that the product they know and love has not changed.

How To Recycle A Cardboard Box

Custom Size Regular Slotted Carton Shipping BoxOne of the key reasons the cardboard box has been so popular for packaging is its ability to be recycled. Many businesses and consumers are concerned about how their actions can impact the environment. They, therefore, seek to invest in products that will not prove harmful.

Cardboard is an excellent material that is touted for being lightweight, strong, easily customizable, and recyclable. Most people that do shopping in stores and online will end up with a stash of used cardboard boxes they may not be sure of how to properly dispose of. The boxes can range from cereal boxes to the packaging used to deliver your home electronics. While cardboard is highly recyclable, certain conditions may make it ineligible for this process. Here are the basics of what you need to do when looking to dispose of your boxes responsibly.

Check for damage

It is especially important to check for liquid spills or other staining contaminants. When saturated by oils and chemicals, cardboard boxes are generally no longer recyclable. The contamination can interfere with the recycling process. This is why pizza boxes rarely make the cut. Also, be concerned about boxes that held chemicals like bleach and other liquid cleaning products. If most of the box is clean, you can opt to cut away the damaged part and recycle the rest.

Ensure the cardboard box is fully dry before sending it to a recycling center. Water damage is not a problem but should be allowed to fully dry out before recycling. Dent and tears on otherwise clean boxes are not a problem either.

Empty it

The next step is to empty your box of all contents. Not just the item you bought, but also any filler or inserts used to support it within. Some of these will not be recyclable but may be reusable. If in good condition, you can store them somewhere clean and dry and use them when shipping an item. You do not need to remove the tape or labels on a cardboard carton as the recycling centers will do this during processing.

Flatten it

Once you are ready to send it in, be sure to collapse and flatten the cardboard carton. This will help save on limited space, more so if you stuffing the box into a recycling bin. If you have a large number of cardboard boxes or there is no recycling bin nearby, you can talk to your local recycling center to set up delivery. You can also enquire with your waste collection service provider if they can arrange for pick up. Depending on your locality you will want to look up recycling guidelines in case of additional requirements.

Why Black And White Mailer Boxes Appeal To Adult Consumers

black and white boxWhen it comes to customizing product packaging, it is typical to choose a base color and then customize writing, logo, and other features that will contrast against it. You may often see this on brown, black, and white mailer boxes that are used to display product samples or high-end products.

Keeping designs simple in this way is often recommended as it gives a more professional and memorable look. In some industries, being more colorful may seem attractive, but this aesthetic needs to be carefully considered and should match the product and what impression you want to make with potential buyers. Going for more neutral coloring offers more benefits, especially when looking to appeal to an adult audience.


White and black mailer boxes provide a simple background to work with. This tends to appeal to adult consumers who often find this simplicity more trustworthy and direct. It can also make for an interesting contrast where a graphic design or colorful writing is added. If you find in your market research the competitors are more focused on more complex colorful designs, going the neutral route may help to make your product stand out better.


This is especially true of white mailer boxes. White is often used for products that people would like to keep sanitary, like dishes and milk. It gives an impression of cleanliness and sophistication, so can often be seen used in electronics like smartphones and headphones. It is also often commonly used as the background color for cleaning products.


Black boxes are popular for men’s products like colognes and shaving kits. The color tends to impart a feeling of boldness and mystery. Another reason you will find black mailer boxes easily available in high-end gift stores for the display of such expensive items like jewelry. Like the color white, this neutral tone also evokes a sense of sophistication.


The coolness of the black and white tones is also well-suited to giving a feeling of luxury. They are classic colors that complement just about any other shade, making whatever product that is being packaged give an air of elegance.

Both black and white provide a kind of blank canvas against which other colors can be added to evoke other emotions. For instance, pairing them with red adds a sensual connotation, while gold and silver will make the item seem even more high-end.