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Counter Display Its Role And Placement

Step into a store and walk through the aisles to find what you need to purchase. Some enjoy walking around, while others have an agenda to get in, and get out. Ultimately, when it’s time to buy, it’s time to go to the check-out stand. Don’t take this location for granted. This is a prime spot for your counter box.

Realize by placing your counter box on a counter where all the business transaction occurs, you’re really placing your counter display in the highest traffic location of the entire store. Your counter box is suddenly singled out from thousands of other products simply because you have chosen a counter display. As typical California boxes, actually California realtors would say, it’s all about location, location, location.

Effective ways to showcase your counter display is to advertise your brand name. Let the potential customers know who you are by printing your company name onto your counter box. Whether you’re using a corrugated display or a paperboard counter box, printing your company name (i.e. 2-color flexographic or a 4 color lithographic laminate) creates awareness of your brand name and the products you are selling.

Strategically place your products in your counter box that’s organized and attractive. This can easily be done by choosing a corrugated display. Your corrugated display can be customized by Cactus Containers precisely to your products unique measurements and specs. A corrugated display can be tailored with niches, separate levels, or a staircase step. Voila your products are instantly intact and organized. More importantly, you have captivated potential customers all through your customized counter box, using a corrugated display.

Grasp onto these superb Cactus Containers tips and strategies. Choose a prime spot for your counter display. Advertise simply by printing your company name onto your counter box. Use your customized corrugated display to keep your items organized and attractive.

Whether you need California boxes here in California or if you’re from Iowa, New York, or Florida, we’re here to help you create a top-notch counter display.

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