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Selecting a Rigid Setup Box

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What are some of the characteristics of folding chipboard boxes? As the most typical type of packaging, chipboard folding cartons generally are made with every print, paper stock, or design. The different kinds of chipboard folding cartons, as the names implies include: RTE-reverse truck end, STE-same end tuck top, TTAB-tuck top auto bottom, RTE with hang panel, dispenser box, and RETT-rolled end tuck top. The advantage of custom chipboard boxes, which include some being environmentally friendly, is they use existing paper stocks such as SBS (solid bleached sulphate), CCNB (clay coated news black), and 100 percent recycled chipboard paper. Using a variety of coatings such as UV coating, the process of custom printing involves up to a four-color process. Options of chipboard customization include emboss or deboss, film laminate, soft touch coating, and some integrate coatings specifically designed for food products.

Setup Boxes

What are some of the characteristics of a rigid or setup box? A rigid set-up box is designed out of paperboard that is thick paper which is sturdy enough to be utilized for packaging a large quantity of setup boxes. The paperboard utilized for set-up boxes may be 4 times thicker than paperboard utilized for folding chipboard cartons. Therefore, the interchangeable word for setup box or rigid box. Rigid boxes can’t be collapsed and have to stay in box form from the manufacturer to the end user. As folding cartons have the process of printing applied directly to the box itself, generally rigid boxes have a different wrapping of a variety of potential materials, instead glued to the box. A broad array of wraps might be applied to a set up box, which includes leather, padding, fabric as well as flocked (decorative finish achieved by applying fine fiber particles to an adhesive coated paper surface;

Similarities for both include:

  • Sophisticated, complex structural designs
  • Made from recyclable, sustainable materials
  • High-quality printing, foil-stamping, embossing
  • Manufactured with relatively low carbon footprint

Differences include:

-Folding Chipboard Boxes

  • Usually doesn’t require separate lid and base
  • Quicker production speeds and lower unit prices
  • Shipped folded flat lowering delivery/transportation costs

-Rigid Setup Boxes

  • Requires no setup for product filling
  • More durable for extended reusability
  • High consumer appeal within select luxury markets

Rigid setup boxes and chipboard boxes are each efficient tools to sell and market services or products. The package has to be visually appealing and creative to attract the consumer and concentrate their attention on the product.

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