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Printed RSC Boxes with Visual Appeal

The items inside of an RSC box should be handled with care, but the outside of the box should have lots of visual appeal. A box is not just a box. Sometimes the box can be a marketing tool.

When you ship items to customers or a potential client, you want to gain more customers in the process. This is not only done by word-of-mouth, but it can be done visually. When your boxes are sent from one place to another, other individuals have the opportunity to see your company. The design on the box may be what makes your brand stand out from others. You should also include your company’s website on the box. This allows people to contact you, without asking the package’s owner for your business contact information. Printed RSC boxes are not just packages; they are also salespersons.

You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some of the options available to you include:

  • Single Wall
  • Double Wall
  • Triple Wall
  • Long Boxes
  • Tall Boxes
  • Printer’s Boxes
  • Cube Boxes
  • Heavy Duty Boxes
  • White Boxes

These boxes are designed to fit your product in an accurate manner. Each customer is valued, and a team of designers will make sure that you have access to full color customization, the best styles, and excellent material.

The design of your custom printed RSC box is entirely up to you. You have the option to add 1 single color, or you can choose up to 4 colors lithographic. Modern printing machines are used to design the packaging material. The artwork area will take your design and help create a look for your printed boxes that leave customers talking – but in a positive way.

You do not want to place a simple design on your box. You spend lots of time and money creating logos and company slogans, so why not use them? You can add these items to your box, along with any other special advertisement your company is offering. There are different themes and styles you can choose from, all meant to enhance your box’s appearance.

Remember that your box should be all about the visual appeal. When you order from Cactus, you will have access to a variety of custom RSC box choices. The printed shipping boxes that you choose will be dependable and attractive; a winning pair!

Creative Custom Printed Boxes

If you think the box you package your product or other items in is just a box, you are misisng out on a great marketing tool. The box that you ship to a potential client could change their impression of your business. Custom printed boxes not only show your creativity, but allows the client see just how serious you are about the potential deal, and your business. You want your company to stick out above the rest, and a custom box could do just that.

There are pre-printed boxes that you can purchase, which make your packaging seem a little more festive. If you choose a printed box that has been pre-designed, you typically do not have the option to choose the colors and design of the box. If you want to make your box represent your company, you should have it customized. Here are some basics that you will need to know when you order custom boxes:

  • Be creative, because visual appeal is everything.
  • Make sure your text is concise.
  • Use clear graphics.
  • Choose an image that represents your company.

There are templates that you can choose from when you customize your package. The templates may be pre-designed, but the wording and logos you add to your package will make it one-of-a-kind. The package should represent your company, so make sure you choose a design and message that will speak for you.

Once your packaged item is on a shelf, it is there. Try choosing designs and wording that you will not want to change. Even though you have the right to redesign your boxes, you want the world to become familiar with your company and brand. Constantly changing the look of your package will confuse customers and clients. When your package arrives through the mail, or when customers go looking for you on the department store shelf, you want them to recognize your box.

You can customize your box with a variety of colors. These boxes also come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the boxes you can choose from include:

  • Display boxes
  • Die cut boxes
  • Cosmetic boxes
  • Bin boxes
  • Gable boxes
  • Cube boxes

You will be able to view samples of what your box will look like before you place an order. Remember that you want your package to be a huge success with clients. If your box is dull, it may remain on the shelf. A creative custom printed box could attract customers, which is great for your business!

Contact Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc today and we can start working on your custom printed boxes. When you want creative, you want Cactus!

Product Packaging As Advertising Tool

Have you heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? This may hold true when it comes to you and me, but we can’t help but judge a product according to its inside and outside appearance. Toddlers and young children instinctively know this. They see a cereal box and quickly reach for their favorite characters, colors, or free cereal box toys. When we receive a gift, we assume the nicer the packaging, the more valuable the gift may be. When deciding between two similarly identical products on a store shelf, at times the last deciding factor relies on the color of the box, the high-quality pictures, the strategically placed fonts, and product packaging recognition. Large corporations, top advertising agencies, public relations and marketing departments, etc knows that every detail of their merchandise, including their product packaging can increase profit sales substantially.

As a business, you will want the most exposure by many avenues. Product packaging is one of the many strategies and it is an excellent subliminal marketing tool strategy. It is a chance to brand your company, and increase your profit sales. Product packaging is your perfect opportunity to place your company brand directly into the hands of your consumers.

First off, let’s take a closer look. Why would advertisers jump at the opportunity to spend $140,000 for 30 seconds of air time during the Stanley Cup Finals? “In all, 16.2 million Canadians, or about half the country, watched some or all of the game” The Star, June 14, 2011. Now that’s an exposure in magnitude. Advertisers understand the persuasiveness of product exposure and awareness. Their product packaging involved 30 tiny seconds to captivate their audience, in hopes of making a lasting impression. They understand statistically what this can ultimately do to enlarge their net profits. There is a principle here that is so effective; advertisers will gladly spend for a “30 second”product packaging opportunity. You too can emulate this footprint and apply this principle to your own product packaging strategy!

Let’s think outside the blank box. Why spend all your time and effort improving your merchandise yet deliver your final product in a plain blank box? Visualize this Cactus Containers as your white canvas, ready to be branded by your company. It is your crucial necessary step to start your subliminal marketing. It is your final step in presenting and staging your star. The more effort you put into your product packaging, the more impressionable it will be to the consumer.

How can they be impressed? Use a superior presentation. At times, the first impression is the only impression one can give. Take for instance a typical job interview. You have one chance to impress the potential employer not only by your job skills and abilities, but by how you present yourself. Are you polite and sincere? Is your business attire sharp and pressed? Are you groomed, well-mannered, competent? Employers take into account every detail to your presentation and the same holds true for product packaging presentation.

Consumers make quick judgments on multitude of products. Consumers also take into account every detail about your product packaging. A top-notch eye-catching presentation will keep their attention. Is your product packagingpresentation up to standards? Does it clearly showcase your company name? Does it explain what your merchandise is? Are your logos well branded? Are your fonts easy to read? Their first impression of you may be your only “30 seconds of air time”. Make every second count. Make every detail count.

We want our consumers to be dazzled, pizzazz, impressed. We want to present and captivate. We want to outshine the competitors. We want them to remember us; our logo, our color theme, our name, our product. We want them to remember our company, so the next time they need our merchandise or service, they will think of us. Our ultimate goal is to outshine the competitors, product recognition, and repeat business. It involves a lot of careful planning and creative thinking, but if our product packaging is solid, it can raise our profit sales significantly.

For a solid product packaging, please visit their Web site at www.cactuscontainers.com, contact them by telephone at 1-888-776-8000 or email them at freeestimates@cactuscontainers.com.

Display Boxes For Different Venues

When you have a product that needs to be put out for sale or that you demonstrate at expos and seminars, you need the right display boxes. You may not give much thought to these but the way your product is displayed will make an impact on your potential customers, for good or for bad. Your product needs to stand out from the competition and it needs to be accessible, and customers need to recognize what it is and why they should purchase it quickly and easily.The right display boxes can also make it easier to work with stores and retailers that may carry your product. If they can simply open a box and flip it around or somehow avoid the idea of putting your product on their shelves, this may mean that your product gets a more prominent spot in their store. Those display boxes can also be very attention getting; if they are brightly colored and have your product name in big bold letters, this can mean your customers find those products that much more quickly.How do you find and choose the best display boxes for your product? Before you shop, here are a few tips to remember.

Know your product.

What gets customers to your product? For edible products, a nice photo can make their mouth water. For other products, they may need to be out in the open so that they can be easily seen. You need to choose display boxesthat are appropriate for your product and not choose them by price alone. The way your product is displayed and where those display boxes are used will also make your decision. Do you sell candy bars that can be put by a cash register? Then you need smaller boxes that are sturdy yet compact. If you sell something that should be shown at the end of a store aisle, of course you’ll need larger display boxes that hold stock as well as show your product. Think of how your product is shown and this will help you to find the right items for yourself.

Sturdiness, storage, and other features.

It’s easy to just choose the cheapest display boxes that are meant for your product but this can be a mistake. You want ones that are sturdy and that may allow for more storage in the bottom for easier replenishment; this will help to keep your product in front of customers. If your boxes collapse or tear, you’ll just need to replace your display boxes that much more quickly. Sometimes investing a few extra dollars in a better product can actually save you money down the road.You may be able to save money on display boxes if you shop around; this can mean fitting what you need into your budget and not overspending. Take your time to compare prices at different vendors and suppliers and be sure to look online for the best deals.

Custom Printed Boxes

No matter your business or product, you need every advantage over your competition that you can possibly get. Customers are scarce for most products today which means you need to advertise yours as much as possible. Using custom printed boxes can mean getting your product and your company name in front of more potential customers as your products are shipped. It also helps to imprint the name of your company and type of product you sell in the mind of your current customers.There are many reasons to consider using custom printed boxes for your company and some reminders to consider when choosing these boxes. Anyone can pick out plain cardboard boxes and have their name stamped on the sides, but this may not do much to impress potential customers that see those boxes. To use custom printed boxes to your advantage, you need to consider the type of printing they should have and how it should appear.To choose the best custom printed boxes for your product and your company, consider a few simple tips and pointers. This will ensure you’re using them properly for your advantage.

Advertising your product.

Name recognition is key to sales, and you need to ensure that customers and potential customers recognize your product and your company quickly and easily. Your custom printed boxes should do this with your logo or slogan and with pictures of your product if appropriate. Sometimes even certain colors can make customers thinks of certain products, and these colors should be the same as your logo colors or colors of wrappers you use for your product. Never choose custom printed boxes that just have plain lettering on plain boxes as this doesn’t help to catch anyone’s eyes and doesn’t imprint your name or slogan in their minds.Remember that your end customers are not the only ones to see your custom printed boxes during shipping. There are any other number of persons that will see those boxes, and this is doubly true if you use them as display boxes and not just for shipping. Being able to use your custom printed boxes for shipping and for display may also encourage retailers to use your product more often since it means less work for them to stock their shelves.

Choosing a supplier.

You don’t want to choose your custom printed boxes from just any supplier as you may not be able to save the most amount of money this way. Buying them from the same retailer from which you purchase your office supplies or other shipping supplies may mean overpaying. You may also be limited in what you can have printed. Instead, choose a company that specializes in custom printed boxes for shipping and display. This will mean more choices when it comes to size and shape, and will also mean saving money since they typically offer a discount on custom printed boxes more so than office supply stores or shipping supply retailers.

Customized Boxes To Satisfy Your Client

A good box is hard to find. No, seriously. Boxes are so important today because of the purposes they serve and because there are so many reasons it is imperative to find a box that is high in quality and serves their purposes. It is almost as much of a multitasking tool as a Swiss army knife. They are no longer ubiquitous pieces of cardboard strewn around in the home or business. It is never more important than if you are a business owner trying to land a client or celebrating your sale with them. Regardless of the business or gift there are custom gift boxes that can fit and mold into virtually anything you want it to be. Folding cartons are one thing (they can be pretty multidimensional), but no one can neglect what custom boxes can do for you or your business relationship.

There are companies like Cactus Containers that have custom gift boxes for sale. Popular items to put on these boxes are:

  1. Company Logo – Making the logo stick in the back of the client’s mind isn’t a bad idea. It goes a long way in their remembering who you are. But it’s also a nice gesture.
  2. Contact Information – You never know who is looking at the box. It never hurts to have the contact information for your business floating around.
  3. Theme – It can go with the company’s theme or it could be a random theme. Either way, it is still fun to have in one fashion or another.

Folding cartons also add a nice touch if you are gifting something to your client – or boss. You can now see why they are not the simple ubiquitous cardboard tools of old. For those looking for custom gift boxes, it is easier to go online to start the search. The post office more than likely does not have one that suits the needs perfectly. At least with folding cartons and custom boxes you can offer up a nice gift in a nice box (one that suits the size and shape of the gift).

Don’t just think about a box as just a box. You would be surprised at how important they are when you actually need them. A person receiving the gift will duly appreciate a thoughtful gesture of going through the trouble of customizing a box just for them. If you are in doubt, simply go online and find one and see for yourself.