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Cosmetics & Beauty Boxes

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Types of Cosmetics & Beauty Boxes

Setup Boxes

These presentation boxes add visual appeal, and lend a certain 'class' when packaging luxury and personal items such as jewelry, perfume, chocolates, postcards and holiday gifts. There are many ways these boxes can be printed and we have a huge variety of special paper we can wrap the boxes in. A Set Up box is a more expensive style box to make, but will give your customers the sense of quality.

Folding Cartons

This style of box is perfect for boxes that are intricate yet need to be able to fold into a size suitable for storage and work well for a retail shelves. These are great for promotional items. Some assembly is required before the box is put into use, but don't worry, it isn't origami!

Regular Slotted Cartons

The Regular Slotted Carton is the most common shipping and storage box. These are strong cost effective boxes, and are made to size. Make them heavy duty for big industrial parts or small for light weight items.