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Printed Shipping Boxes Can Help Save You Money

Printed Shipping Boxes

Packaging your product is more than just protecting what’s inside, but it is an ideal way of making your product stand out. As you are competing in a vast market which offers the same product like yours, packaging them with a custom shipping box can be an effective marketing tool. Not only does it save you on advertising expense, but people are more likely to respond when they see something different and enticing.

Some of the reasons why you would want to consider printed shipping boxes for your brand is because they can be easily recognized by your intended audience, it can be a good marketing tactic, and what’s more, it helps you save on packaging expense.

Create an Effective Brand Awareness with a Custom Shipping Box

There are several avenues to market your product, but one of the most useful and less expensive ways is to work on the outside packaging of your product. As television and magazine or newspaper slots are much more expensive, using a custom shipping box will help people remember what you offer immediately.

Brand awareness is something that printed shipping boxes can help you quickly achieve. You can utilize the blank spaces to present a clear and effective message about your product and use the empty side spaces to print your company logo and slogan. In most cases where a customer’s attention has been drawn in, it creates a ripple effect which helps grow your business to greater heights.

Save Money by Using Printed Shipping Boxes

By using a customized packaging, you are saving tons of money not just on ad campaigns, but also on having the ability to choose the exact dimension and right prints suited for your packaging requirements. Because these materials are created based on what your business needs, you are not paying for anything extra like inner packaging to make your product extra secure.

On top of that, a perfectly sized box ensures your product gets the needed protection during shipment. When properly packed, they will not incur damage during humps and bumps along the way. A custom shipping box is also a great platform to inform your customers about the benefits and what your product has to offer. It is a solid advertising platform with fewer investments required as compared to the traditional strategies we have gotten used to. Ultimately, you save money on printed packaging boxes because they can be ordered in bulk which often comes with a discount.

Creating Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

One of the many considerations when creating a brand is how you will customize your printed shipping box. As there are many different options to choose from, it can be quite understandable why most businesses fall short in delivering an effective packaging design that fits their business needs. In most cases, it deflects customer attention because they are either designed to be ambiguous or has an incoherently crafted message.

In more ways, the primary consideration you should make is to choose the right types of packaging based on several factors that affect the quality of your services. Durability, item security, and the overall quality of your services can be factored out when creating custom printed shipping boxes. Your client’s belongings have to perfectly fit inside the package and the message on the printed shipping box has to be delivered clearly and attractively.

Utilize the Printed Box to Highlight Your Brand and Logo

Because your brand is competing with many other services of the same niche, yours can stand out just with the quality prints and customized boxes you use. Many other aspects are part of what is considered by your potential customers including the type of materials you use to safeguard their belongings. In such a way, brand and logo presentation affects the overall worthiness of your services. It can be a determinant of how people perceive your company and their willingness to commit to the services you offer.

A well-designed logo and a message that is easily understood can entice people more than anything. It creates interest among people who see your logo so they can easily relate it to the type of services you provide. Growing your shipping business with custom printed shipping boxes is perpetually a component good reputation because people can easily recognize your brand.

A Good Logo and a Simple Message Always Gets Across Easily

Simple messages are always easily understandable and retain much better in the minds of most people. A complicated logo and perplexing message sometimes become so distracting that people often do not perceive what you are trying to emphasize. So when designing your printed shipping box, always remember that people have limited attention span and the more understandable your logo and messages are, the more people will remember them.

So when designing your custom printed shipping boxes, always remember that people will respond to messages they understand and a business logo they can relate with. It is better to have a good brand logo and a simple message people will be driven to action.

Sending Gifts Using a Custom Shipping Box

Custom Shipping Box

Sending gifts to loyal clients is one of the most effective ways to build a long-lasting and beneficial relationship. While most businesses already aced finding the most suitable presents for their loyal following, it is unfortunate that they do not take the same amount of care in choosing and packing the custom shipping box that they use so that their gifts will not only be received in perfect condition, but the receiver will appreciate the thought that comes with it.

If you are guilty of completely focusing on the kind of gift that you would be sending out while ignoring how you would handle your packing and shipping, here are practical tips that you may want to consider:

Reuse Old Shipping Boxes

If you have large quantities shipping boxes in the office, you do not have to purchase new ones. You can reuse them, so you can save money and help the environment at the same time. Just make sure to remove old shipping labels and use your creativity to make old shipping boxes pleasing to the eyes.

Protect Fragile Items by Using Two Boxes

Shipping fragile items can be tricky. Instead of using one custom shipping box, try using the box-within-a-box method for added protection. Simply wrap your fragile item in thick cushioning material and place it in the smaller box. Place the smaller box inside a larger shipping box and make sure that it would provide adequate protection by filling it with crumpled newspapers, Styrofoam pellets, or peanuts. These box inserts will also keep the item firmly because there’s a greater chance of damage when it moves around.

Leave a Business Card or Personalized Message Inside the Shipping Box

To ensure that your client will receive the message you want to convey, place the card inside the box rather than outside the box where it can be ripped or removed. You can also include coupons or other promotional items so that your customer can learn more about the different products under your brand.

Use a Shipping Box Made from High-Grade Materials

Not all cardboard shipping boxes are created equal. Rely on shipping boxes made from high-quality material and manufactured by reputable box companies. Keep in mind that the safety of your gift depends largely on its packaging.

The items above are just a few of the most practical tips when shipping gifts to your valued customers. Do not forget that at the end of the day, your gift means nothing if it will be damaged during transport. Prevent this from happening by choosing the right shipping box and considering the tips mentioned here.

Custom Shipping Boxes and Online Shopping

Custom Shipping Boxes

What could be the relationship between custom shipping boxes and online shopping? Should a printed shipping box be part of this discussion?

With the preference most customers give towards shopping for some of their needs and wants via an online app or platform, the shipping industry has been greatly involved. Online sellers have been getting the help of shipping companies to send their customers’ orders right at their doorstep.

While this has already become a regular business scenario these days, it is worth noting that as a seller, your clients’ satisfaction is a must. Therefore, you should do everything just for them to be happy the moment they receive the package from you.

Satisfying Customers’ Expectations

Talking about receiving a package, there are requirements that online sellers must consider. You must ensure that your shipping boxes would meet their standards. To achieve this, you need custom shipping boxes, which might include a printed shipping box.

A report revealed that those who patronize online shopping have high expectations. These online sellers want to receive orders that are exactly the same as how they are presented in your posts. In short, you should create a good impression so that the chances of having them as constant buyers are high as well. Or, make the wrong move and you will lose them.

However, you could avoid the latter if you package their orders well. How to do it? Of course, you need custom shipping boxes! Once you use the right packaging material, the products inside are protected. You could prevent some damage, especially if the box used is too small or too big.

You could also opt for the printed shipping box for the package to look more customized, making the customers feel that you value them enough.

Packaging as an Experience Itself

Packaging is an experience in itself. When you greet your customers with a well-packaged order, they would become more excited of what is inside. You could really imagine their smile once they receive the package.

Being an experience, your custom packaging boxes must be capable of communicating with your buyers; that you are a seller committed to providing only the best. Always remember that the way you package your products is your medium to inform customers of how you are as a seller.

As online sellers, it is your responsibility to deliver what you promise in your posts. And yes, the key here is to maintain product quality and excellent customer service. With the help of custom shipping boxes, you are not far from achieving this.

The Search for a Custom Shipping Box

Custom Shipping Box

If one is away from their families, they tend to send out gifts very often. During birthdays, holidays and other special occasions, their families will be waiting for their surprise housed in a shipping box. As someone who occasionally does this, they make sure that all that is inside will be properly delivered to their loved ones.

And, as a company who offers delivery service, it is your obligation to ensure that all deliverables are successfully delivered, unscratched, unopened. To help you actualize this goal, we provide custom shipping box and printed shipping boxes.

Top 5 Qualities People Will Look Into When Searching for a Delivery Service Company

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, you should build your name and deliver everything in perfect condition and with no delays.

Proven Record

The first thing customers will look in to before dealing with your services is your track records. Once they got a hint that you did something wrong to a past client, your name will get tarnished. Issues such as delays, mishandling, and opened boxes are just a few of the things that will bid your business goodbye.

Positive Reviews

Upon working hard in delivering shipments to different places, and by investing in good printed shipping boxes that carry your company’s name, you will surely get your company’s name known in no time.

Always treat your customer’s shipment like your own, that way you can deliver your service well and gain more loyal customers who trust no one but you. And, this is because your service has a sense of personal touch that most clients are looking for.

Durable Shipping Boxes

The best way to get the job done is by investing in a durable and custom shipping box. This way, you can offer your customers a wide variety of boxes that perfectly fits their needs. Those that are not too tight, too big and too small, but just enough.

Also, if you have a durable box to house your customer’s shipments that can withstand any type of mishandlings and mishaps, you are not doing business but also is helping your customer too. Once you have proven this, they will surely come back to do business with you again.

Fast Delivery

Once you promise a fast delivery without any issues, many customers will surely look into you. To make them more eager in dealing with you ensure them that you handle shipments best with your trustworthy team and durable shipping boxes.

Reasonable Price

A long time ago, this factor used to be at the top. But, in today’s time, quality is preferred more than quantity. This does not mean you should charge customers really high, or else you will lose your business. Having a reasonable price that matches the quality of your service is the best price you could ever offer to your customers.

Ideas to Reuse Printed Shipping Boxes

Printed Shipping Boxes

A custom shipping box has a lot of uses apart from containing products during transfer. It can serve as a great marketing tool for manufacturers in various industries while at the same time protect the items inside it. However, if you are not involved in the manufacturing or shipping business but you have tons of printed shipping boxes lying around, here are some creative ways you can make ordinary cardboard boxes benefit you as well:

Turn it into a practical pet bed

Carve a “door” in one of the phases of the cardboard that is large enough for your pet to comfortably enter. After cutting, you can paint the shipping boxes to any color that you or your pet wants. Line the “floor” with comfortable beddings or any fluffy fabric to serve as a bed. Accessorize the house with trinkets and other decorative pieces to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Turn it into attractive containers

Cardboard shipping boxes are often used as containers in attics and garages. To make these boxes suitable for use in your living room or bedroom, cover them with fabric. You can mix and match colors, so you can use them as containers and room décor as well.

Turn it into functional baskets

If wrapping a custom shipping box with fabric is not appealing to you, how about wrapping it in strings? Use a large paper twine in any color or design you want and glue it to wrap the entire box. Once you’re done, cover the entire thing with mod podge to seal everything and make sure it stays in place. Line the inside with drop cloth and nobody will know that your basket is actually an ordinary cardboard box underneath.

Turn it into labeled storage bins

Storage bins that you can label can greatly help in organizing your things, but they can be pricey if you buy new ones. Instead of spending precious dollars on containers, just buy a chalkboard paint to cover used shipping boxes and chalkboard markers to label them.

Turn it into flower boxes

Beautify your window sill by adding flowers contained in flower boxes made from old printed shipping boxes. Cover the surface of the boxes with sticks then add a bow and your favorite potted flowers inside. The rustic look of the boxes will definitely highlight the colorful flowers and make your home more attractive.

It is important to note that when you consider doing the ideas mentioned above, you will not only practice your artistic skills, but you can even do your part in helping the environment.

Questions when Ordering Printed Shipping Boxes

Printed Shipping Boxes

When ordering printed shipping boxes for your business, you cannot merely call a supplier and ask them to create them for you. You need proper preparation, a lot of planning, and a reputable manufacturer so that your expenses can turn into a worthy investment. Before you start ordering customized shipping boxes, it is important to ask yourself the following questions to guide you on your next steps of action:

  • Does the manufacturing company have the capability to produce the cardboard boxes according to your requirements?

While there are many packaging suppliers in the industry, not everyone can deliver their commitment, which is why you should make sure that the company you are dealing with has the capability, experience, and expertise to manufacture the kind of custom shipping box you want. The supplier should be able to create the shipping boxes as you have designed and visualized it; otherwise, it would be a complete waste of your money.

  • Is the design that you want on your customized shipping boxes possible without sacrificing essential elements of the cardboard box?

While you have the liberty to design shipping boxes according to your taste and liking, you should still ensure that the box would still be able to deliver its basic purpose such as protecting your product during shipping. If the same would be compromised because of the design, it is best that you think of other packaging solutions that would satisfy both creative and protective elements.

  • Can the packaging supplier provide you with environment-friendly options?

Having earth-friendly shipping boxes will significantly improve your brand image considering that a growing number of customers would rather choose to patronize businesses that are mindful of the environment. Use this growing trend to your advantage by partnering with reputable packaging suppliers who provide eco-friendly options.

  • What is your budget per custom shipping box?

Your design team should be completely attentive to the budget allocated for each shipping box so that they will not design something that will exceed it. Keep in mind that every person involved in the design and order of the shipping boxes should always keep the budget allocation for the project in mind.

Needless to say, there are many things that you need to consider before your company starts ordering custom cardboard boxes for your business. At the end of the day, you should make sure that you end up with the most cost-effective and efficient choice since it would be most advantageous for your organization.

Improve Your Brand Using a Custom Shipping Box

Custom Boxes

The impression of the brand is at times more important than the actual quality and condition of the product itself. A strong brand image largely impacts consumer behavior. Majority of customers patronize products manufactured by companies that were able to develop a strong brand image through the years even if similar goods with better quality from competitors are available.

There are many ways your company can improve its brand image. Some of these methods are expensive and require a long process but there are techniques that you can do during product shipping that can help your brand get the attention it needs.

Here are some ways you can improve your brand image during shipping:

A sad-looking and ordinary cardboard box can create a negative impression not only on the product you are selling but to your company as well. Imagine if your customer receives your product packaged in a common box and another merchandise wrapped in customized packaging from a different company at the same time, without a doubt the customer will think that your company is unprofessional and cheap. Using custom printed shipping boxes gives the impression that your company is professional and high-class.

  • Consider using custom shipping tape.

To make your brand name and product more noticeable you can also consider using custom shipping tape that will greatly complement the design and look of your custom printed shipping boxes. Note that customers are always drawn to products and packaging with high aesthetic value.

  • Make use of custom shipping bags when needed.

For small and dainty items like accessories and books, you may consider using custom shipping bags that will highlight your company logo and colors. You can also consider completing the elegant look by using colored tissue paper, ribbons, and other trimmings that will bring a smile to your customer’s face.

  • Make use of environment-friendly fillers like biodegradable packing peanuts.

Instead of using plastic bubble wraps that are harsh to the environment, you should consider using biodegradable shipping peanuts instead. While these fillers may not literally contain your brand or logo, the act itself gives the impression that your company cares about the environment and most customers find it appealing.

The ideas above are just some of the simple ways you can improve your brand and market your products at the same time. It is important to realize that majority of consumers shop with their eyes and first impressions usually last.

Large Quantity of Custom Shipping Boxes

Large Quantity of Custom Shipping Boxes

Investing in your brand means putting attention to every detail, and that includes a large quantity of shipping boxes that roll out of your production line. Regardless of the industry, competition is always going to be stiff. You can stand out from the rest of the pack, for instance, through a printed shipping box with your logo in it. It might seem a small thing perhaps, but you have a virtual representative no matter where your package will end up.

Below are the common questions on large quantity of shipping boxes:

What are the types of packaging that you can buy?

Nowadays, there’s not much that manufacturers could not do. It’s a sweeping statement to say that you are only limited by your imagination, but that’s very true in this case. From the size of the box, color, custom mailers, overlap cartons, corrugated boxes, pop-up boxes, you can order just about anything under the sun.

I always hear about the term flute, what is it?

The corrugated cardboard substrate has different levels of thickness. The industry term for this is a flute, which refers to the ridges in between the two cardboards. Manufacturers also have different designations when you are trying to order. For instance, the F-flute means there are 128 flutes per linear foot with a height of 1/32”. This is perfect for cosmetics, jewelry, and other fragile materials because of its superior crush resistance.

Is there a limit to the number of large quantity of custom shipping boxes?

No, there’s no limit to the volume of order. In fact, it’s recommended that you order in bulk so you can enjoy a huge discount. Most manufacturers profit on the scale, so they are more likely to offer special incentives to large orders.

What type of print should I choose in the printed shipping box?

The manufacturer should be able to recommend the ideal print for you depending on order volume or the type of branding you wish. You can choose from flexographic, litho label or digital. The last one is best for smaller quantities. For a large quantity of custom shipping boxes, flexographic will be your best bet although it will cost you due to the printing plate that will be created specifically for you. Say, you need at least 1,000 boxes to maximize your expenses. Litho label, meanwhile, doesn’t need a minimum order although it’s more expensive compared to the flexographic.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Can Build Your Customer Base

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

If you own a company that ships products around the world, you know how important packaging can be for those products. Yet, too often, business owners allow shipping to be an afterthought, sending out orders in non-descript brown boxes with no identifying marks. When your package leaves your company to be delivered to a customer, thousands of people see the box, from mail carriers, truck drivers and even neighbors of your customer who will see the package as it is delivered. The need to brand those packages is critical as it gets your company name out without adding major additional cost. These simple ideas can help you use your shipping materials to promote your brand.

Custom Labels

If you have already purchased large quantities of shipping boxes and want to give them a unique look with your branding, consider creating customized labels. You can have labels printed professionally or create them as you need them using your printer. Many label companies offer templates and a wide range of label sizes so you can create a label that your customers will notice.

Custom Printed Boxes

The best way to get your company name out there is to purchase custom printed shipping boxes. These shipping boxes have your company logo, name and any other identifying information you wish to choose printed right on the box. They look extremely professional and the costs are not much different than purchasing plain boxes.

Print Postage Online

Today, you can create your own postage directly from your computer. Most packages can be shipped using the USPS website or you can choose a company like, which sometimes offers more options for parcels than the USPS website. Even UPS and FedEx now allow you to print your own postage, making it easier than ever to send packages. The printed postage also gives your package a more professional look and it eliminates standing in the line at the post office.

With more and more customers choosing online shopping with delivery of products right to their door, the need for quality shipping materials is growing. Companies need large quantities of shipping boxes on hand to be sure that customers receive their packages in a timely manner. You also want to be sure that your brand is seen by as many people as possible which is why these tips can help grow your customer base simply by adding your brand to the outside of your packaging.

What Are the Benefits of a Custom RSC Box

Custom RSC Box

The custom RSC box is the most common box style. It has a highly efficient design that can be used for many applications. In this design, all the flaps are of similar length. The outer flaps are usually one half of the containers width. This ensures that they meet at the center when the box is closed.

The RSC box is less expensive as it consumes less board. This has helped them gain immense popularity as a packaging solution. A high volume of RSC cartons is extensively used in several industries due to its many benefits.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

The RSC boxes are lightweight and easy to handle. This attribute is usually a major requirement for end users when they are packing and moving the valuables from one place to other. When you choose custom shipping boxes for packaging you will be able to pack and ship a wide range of products and keep costs low.

Professional Look

The custom boxes can provide a professional look to your company. You can choose to print logo, address and contact number inside the box. This helps improve the visual appeal of the box. They can create a positive impression on the consumers.

The colorful designed box is more attractive than a plain brown packaging box.

The well designed and attractive boxes can help in branding and advertising at no extra cost. Marketing messages can be printed to target existing and new customers.

Sized to Order

When the boxes are too large for the products they hold, they may require added packaging material to prevent damage. The added paper consumption and weight can increase cost. By choosing custom boxes you can easily manage packaging and keep costs low.

One of the big benefits of choosing a custom box is that you can get any size you want that is the best fit for the products. This can help save money as the packaging material is customized as per your specific requirements. When the packaging fits the size of the product perfectly it can help safeguard it against any damage.

The high strength of these boxes make them suitable for both packing durable and non-durable products. The material they are made of is usually recyclable and this makes them environmental friendly. When comparted to other packaging solutions they are available in different styles and designs and you can easily customize them as per your specific requirements.

Experiences using Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Selling products which are made by a different business somehow might swallow the distributing organization’s identity. That might be because changes to even the smallest of things such as packaging might pose an issue. However, there are a couple of things that this type of a company may do to set themselves apart when sending out large quantities of shipping boxes.

Make custom shipping boxes appear delightful and welcoming

Cardboard shipping packages are usually the standard shipping mode for many businesses. For a client, the box will merely look boring, plain, and whatever is inside of it will just be reached after multiple layers of unwrapping. Distributing companies may better this experience for a client by ordering customized boxes that might portray their slogan, logo, or colors.

Also, the company might determine to use packaging tape which is customized or use labels which are branded. Stickers might also be added to plain boxes. It’ll offer the ideal way for an organization to set themselves apart, yet additionally avoid spending too much cash. In that way, the organization’s brand is set up from the start. Infusing an organization’s brand into any printed material, packaging slips or instructions also will assist in promoting a delightful package opening client experience.

How will packaging tie to an organization’s general branding?

The message the brand portrays always must be consistent, in spite of the form it takes, or where it must appear. Everything which is connected to packaging – be it the instructional sheets for the shipping carton or text printed upon transportation bags – will represent the organization’s brand in one way or the other.

One sentence that has the wrong tone, or incorrect colors or misused font, all will portray an incorrect message. It’ll mean the organization is being misrepresented, and not showing precisely what it stands for or what it does. It’ll mean that the quality that is being promoted by the organization already has been compromised.

Packaging in Customized Boxes will form a big part of any given company

There’ll be something off with an organization which has a luxurious looking, information filled site for some pricey jewelry and gemstones; however, just ships the jewelry inside plastic bags without any documents. No matter the type of custom printed shipping boxes packaging, it must have the ability to represent the company in a single glance.

Packaging Fragile Products in a Custom Shipping Box

Custom Shipping Box

Let us go over a few ideas on fragile product packaging, in corrugated cardboard and chipboard packaging forms for high quantity of shipping boxes.

Roll the Partition Up

If you are searching for ideas for light bulb packaging (or pretty much any other fragile package options), chipboard partitions may be a great solution. Chipboard partitions come in an array of thicknesses, and individually cradle every product you are shipping. They’re particularly helpful while packaging and shipping products with non-traditional shapes, or products which are heavy, but still fragile. They’ll ensure items will not slide around and hit each other, yet they additionally provide an ultra-organized, sleek appearance to the packaging.

Box Partitions

And best of all? They are very cost-effective, and they are designed from recyclable materials, which makes them an option that is excellent for both your wallet and Mother Earth!

Fan Out

Corrugated cardboard boxes include an additional excellent method of shipping bulkier, fragile individual products. As with the partitions, they’re available in various thicknesses, sizes, and shapes Also, they have many different options for closure, so you may be sure that no matter what you are shipping, your box will not come apart while in transit. Fan-like or fluting folds in between the corrugated cardboard layers, assist in ensuring further protection. In addition, the box’s folds typically interlock with each other and are secured using strong packing tape in order to ensure everything arrives within one piece.

Customized Cardboard Box

A corrugated cardboard box is tested not merely for its resistance to being crushed, yet additionally for any unexpected weather it might encounter along their way to a customer’s door.

Make It Look Great

Now that you have some ideas about how you can keep your items safe, it is time that you direct your attention to the actual design and look of the packaging. Just because your products are of an odd shape or because you have ordered extra thick cardboard does not mean the packages cannot still be attractive. We suggest creating a customized box design which integrates your brand’s motto, logo, colors, and explains the benefits of the product.

Custom Box

Consider designing choices for both the exterior and interior of the custom shipping box, so that your party does not end once the customer opens their box up. For an added injection of cool, why not have a personalized touch? Jot your customer’s name on his/her box, or have a special quote from the product’s maker.

High and Small Quantity Shipping Boxes

Small Quantity Shipping Boxes

The growth of online shopping is being celebrated by many people. Businesses big and small are taking advantage of the market that has developed. Online retailers can make just about anything a person could want available. There is no need to shop in stores anymore. Instead, it is easier to find what is needed on a computer and have it delivered to the door.

When something is bought online and shipped somewhere, there is usually a need for packaging and the most common type of packaging is a shipping box. Most are aware that boxes come in many sizes, but they may not realize that the businesses that make the box offer both high quantity and small quantity shipping boxes. Learning the difference can help many of the online retailers.

The Difference is Simple

The difference between high quantity custom shipping boxes and small quantity is not just about the number that has to be ordered at any one time. While high quantity means more boxes are ordered at any one time, that is only part of what makes it different. There are other things to think about.

  • Cost – In general, the larger quantity that is ordered, the cheaper the cost per unit will be. But the cost of the small quantity or high quantity boxes is more than just the price per unit. If the boxes are not used, money will be tied up in storing them and waiting until they are used. The space and time spent in inventory should be considered.
  • Storage – Boxes need to be kept in an environment that does not allow them to deteriorate. Moist environments and inadequate space are the biggest challenges to storing boxes. The more boxes that have to be stored, the more challenging it can become.
  • Sizes – If a business only needs one size box, then buying in large quantities may make sense. When many different sizes are needed, small quantity shipping boxes may be the right choice.

Some businesses may assume that in order to get custom boxes, they have to turn to high quantity shipping boxes. This would be wrong. No matter what number of boxes are needed, it is still possible to get custom boxes and to have custom graphics put on the box. There will be a cost associated with it, but that does not mean it is not possible.

All online retailers have to make the decision about whether they are choosing to buy large or small quantity boxes. They need to make sure that look at the overall picture to make the right decision.

How is a Custom Shipping Box Made

Custom Shipping Box

Every day, trucks around the United States are filled up with boxes that have to be delivered to other businesses or to individuals. Many of the boxes look very similar except for some of the writing that is on them. They may be addressed to different places and they may be different sizes, but they all look alike. The exception is the people that chose to put something in a custom shipping box.

The custom box stands to from others. It may be a different type, shape or color than all of the other boxes. Custom printed shipping boxes can include the logos of a company or may include special messages on the outside of them. These boxes are not like the others and they get noticed by a lot of people.

The ability to get noticed can be a powerful marketing tool for a business. It is a way to build brand awareness and can help a business become more successful. The use of a custom shipping box can be a very smart move for any business. All they need to do is learn how these custom boxes are made.

Start with the Box

The design starts by choosing the type of box that is needed. It could be a mailer box, a regular slotted box, a full overlap box or some other type of box. The type of box depends on what a business is trying to out in, where it is going and how well it needs to be protected.

Once the type of box is decided upon, it needs to be customized. This can be done by using a different color box. Brown boxes are common, but a brightly colored box will stand out and may be more effective. It is very easy to change the color of the box.

In addition to color, adding graphics is another important step. Custom printed shipping boxes are easy to do. Adding graphics can also help a box stand out even further. It is important to choose the right graphics on a box. Important information such as the name and address of the business are a good idea. Adding a logo is another way to build up a brand. Other messages can also help identify what is inside of a box.

Businesses that want to be successful will want to make their products stand out and it often starts with the box they use to ship their products in. Take some time and learn how to take advantage of the box.