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Customizing Your Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

As a businessperson, it is easy to focus all your resources on developing your product. After all, it is your product — the item that you want people to buy. While having a terrific product is critical, you must remember that your cardboard packaging boxes also matter. Gone are the days when the sole purpose of packaging is to protect the product you are selling. Today, your product packaging is also a tool to attract potential customers and to grow your business.

Many research studies have shown the positive connection between packaging and consumer buying behavior. Customers tend to buy using their eyes, which proves how custom packaging is as important as the item you are selling. Apparently, when it comes to selling, the adage, “don’t judge the book by its cover,” does not apply as customers are easily influenced by the design and overall appearance of your cardboard packaging boxes.

If you are looking for ways to ensure that your product packaging boxes will create an impact on your customers, here are some practical tips that you may want to consider:

Aim for Your Target Market

Just because a particular color or design work for other brands does not mean it will work on yours. Instead of getting ideas from the packaging designs of other businesses, you should look at your target market. Get to know what design, concept, and packaging boxes would be most appealing to them and try to take these things into account when customizing your boxes.

Create an Experience

The millions of unboxing videos on social media sites and their countless followers prove the high interest of consumers on the packaging box as much as the product itself. This trend is something that you need to take advantage of. Make sure that your product packaging would create a pleasant unboxing experience so more people would be attracted to buy your product.

Look for Environment-Friendly Options

Surveys show that consumers tend to choose brands that work to create a positive social and environmental impact. Considering this result and the growing global interest in saving the environment, using environment-friendly packaging boxes would surely entice customers to try your product, especially if your competitor is not using one.

At the end of the day, you can create an impressive custom packaging by remembering how it is supposed to communicate with your customers rather than just serve a protective purpose. Essentially, your packaging box is also your product as customers will associate this with your brand, which means you need to make it count.

Creating Your Custom Cardboard Packaging

Custom Cardboard Packaging

If you are a home-based business who thrives by selling personally made products on Etsy or other online marketplace platforms, you should not be satisfied by merely creating good products. Even if you are alone in your venture and you don’t ship products by the thousands, you should pay close attention to your packaging. To help you out, here are tips to create your own custom cardboard packaging to boost your business:

Customize every inch of the box

While you may be inclined to only focus on the outside look of your corrugated packaging, you should consider all available spaces to increase its appeal. For instance, if your product is girly, you can line the interior of the box with dainty floral patterns. This small change and attention to detail can make your product appear more upscale.

Remember that simple works best sometimes

Before considering using bold and loud colors, see first if a simple design would work. Most of the time simplicity is key, especially if the kind of product you are selling dictate so.

Think about creating an unboxing experience for your customers

Nowadays, consumers care about the “unboxing experience” as much as they care about the product you are selling. If you are unconvinced, search for unboxing videos on YouTube and you will be surprised to see that such videos earn millions of views. To create this effect, placing your item inside a box would not do the trick. You can use a “layering” technique to add appeal. You can place your product in a separate container like a pouch or in a much smaller box.

Make sure that your design complements your product

The primary consideration for your packaging design is your product. Before you start thinking about design concepts and colors, focus on the product that you are selling. For instance, if you are selling food products, you should customize your boxes using colors that stimulate the appetite and designs that appeal to your target audience.

The tips above are just some of the most important things that can help you get started. Customizing your cardboard packaging will surely help in setting your brand apart from the competition. You do not have to be a large organization to attract customers. You just have to make them realize that you sincerely care about them and your customized packaging can effectively express it.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes History

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Do you know that cardboard packaging boxes have a dynamic and wonderful history? You may as well have noticed before that your grandfather dragged those wooden and heavy boxes when moving things. Before, it was uncommon seeing a lot of repacking. Packaging was once noticed around the 1st and 2nd world war. The packaging scene was changed to protect the food of soldiers in the battle zones.

Discovery of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

It was Robert Gair who discovered cardboard packaging boxes. He thought of pre-cut cardboard panels folded to create a box. It was during this time that the industry of modern packaging really started. The ease of transportation and cost-effective price made it the most used process of packing. After several years, better and more sophisticated packaging was discovered.

In 1920, transparent cellophane was invented, which became the next step in the industry of packing. Later on, a lot of technical innovations were discovered.

In 1952, the discovery and the release of aerosol became popular on the market. Cans also followed and exploded on the soft drinks industry. Then, aseptic cartons that were invented in 1961 were used in the preservation of long-life milk.

Modern Times of Boxes for Packaging

In the modern times, boxes for packaging have truly become a new art form. You just need to look for a specific box that will meet a specific task. Will the boxes be useful in protecting the products from shock, vibration, and heat? Does the packaging help stop decay? Do you need packaging for the purpose of security measures? Do you still need to re-pack the products into small-sized units? Will it be essential for the packaging to be easy to store, pack or open?

Small Role to Play in the Modern Society

Cardboard packaging boxes have played their role in the modern society. These are also proven to be valuable when it comes to minimizing loss and conserving all resources. Through these boxes, you will be able to manage all your resources. You will also be able to plan for a long-term. Truly, modern packaging changed the industry of logistics. It has also simply affected the chain of supply of modern organizations. It is just so easy to transport precious belongings and works of art to far places.

In all these, cardboard packaging boxes have become an essential part of our lives – not only in our business but in our day to day affairs.

Ordering a Customized Packaging Box

Customized Packaging Box

There are many customers surveys that reveal how packaging affects their decision to purchase. A product that comes in a customized packaging box that suits the preference of the target customer will be more appealing and saleable than one in a generic box.

Before you start hoarding a large quantity of cardboard packaging boxes that look bland and cheap, it is best to invest in customized packaging boxes that will help boost your brand and give your merchandise added value. However, before you even contact a company that will carry out the customization for you, it is best that you consider the following critical factors first:


Packaging boxes differ in material, size, texture, thickness, and many other things and the only way to find out what would best work for your product is by first identifying your needs. For example, if your goods are fragile, then you need a thick cardboard material that can protect and secure them in place. If you ship your products most of the time to your customers then you should also choose a material that will keep the merchandise in good condition.


You should have an estimate of how much your packaging box budget allocation at the onset. You cannot meet the manufacturer or start ordering without knowing how much you can spare. At the end of the day, you should be able to persuade your supplier to adjust their price as much as possible to meet your budget and not the other way around.

Design and Appeal

Take some time to research on designs and overall appeal that will best highlight your product. Do you know that a simple color can influence your customer to buy or reject your product? A study published at the University of Delaware revealed that the color of the packaging box accounts for almost 85% of why a customer will buy the product. Apart from color, do not forget that your design should also feature your product the best way possible, like including a window for pastry products for example.

Customer Convenience

Always keep your customers in mind even when coming up with a customized packaging design. If you can make the box more convenient for them then you should take the opportunity to do so. For instance, it should be easy to open or can be reused for other things.

The factors discussed above will ensure that the customized packaging boxes you will order will help improve your sales and customer base. Keep in mind that a custom-design packaging box can do much more for your business than just hold or secure your merchandise if you approach it with the right strategy.

Things You Can Do with a Cardboard Packaging Box

Cardboard Packaging Box

If you are a newbie in moving houses, you will experience the irony of the entire event after you have carefully unpacked the last moving box.

Remember the agony of searching and accumulating a large quantity of packaging boxes just so you will have enough to pack your things? Those days are over but in a twist of fate you’re again faced with a box-related dilemma – how do you get rid of all those boxes?

To help you out, here are 5 practical ideas on what you can do with your moving boxes:

  1. Give your cardboard packaging box a chic makeover.

Choose a couple of small boxes that are relatively new, unleash your hidden creative genius and give them a makeover. You can use them as decorative or storage pieces by simply covering them with fabric or modern wallpaper in contrasting colors and by adding buttons or other accessories.

  1. Save money on new toys by utilizing the cardboard boxes.

If you have little children, you will be surprised as to how much fun a few cardboard boxes can give them. You can build a playhouse for your little girls, a fort or race track for your boys, or even a puppet theater that they can all enjoy. In fact, you don’t have to do them yourself, especially if you have school-aged kids. Just give them the boxes and other art materials and let their imagination run wild.

  1. Donate to your local library.

Make friends with the people in your local library by donating your cardboard boxes to them. You will be surprised at how much they will appreciate the simple gesture. Make sure, however, that you will give them the strong and sturdy boxes as they will use them to store and transport books.

  1. Use the boxes to organize your attic or basement.

If your new house has an attic, basement or large garage, the boxes are great solutions to keep your things organized. You can label them accordingly and pack them securely to protect the items that are kept inside.

  1. Ask around and give them away.

Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues that you have cardboard boxes that you are giving away. You will be surprised by how many boxes you can dispose of through this method.

The various options mentioned above are doable enough for you to accomplish without having to invest a considerable amount of time and energy. With proper planning and commitment, you can readily get rid of unnecessary cardboard packaging boxes that’s taking too much space in your new home.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes with Logos

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Within an era of empowered consumerism, the importance of customization within a brand’s marketing plan can’t, at any cost, be underestimated. Customization has gotten to a point that it’s offering individuals the option whether to add chocolate syrup onto their ice cream – or not. This plan is being pursued more and more by several businesses to gain a competitive edge. As a matter of fact, these days, a fairly high amount of customization is used in nearly all industries.

Custom packaging increases brand loyalty

Customized cardboard packaging boxes will increase brand loyalty and bring traffic; therefore, a boost in productivity is obvious. It’ll elevate customer engagement and loyalty. Individuals notice the custom-made box because it’s designed with entrancing artwork. Beyond the size of the opportunity, research has shown that consumers are more engaged with a company which sells using customized boxes; it has increased productivity and boosted sales. Brands increase loyalty during a time of the year when it’s required the most.

No wasted space with custom packaging

In using custom made boxes for packaging, you’ll ensure that there isn’t any wasted space. Moreover, you also will be sure that you are saving funds by not spending on wasted materials or standard box space. Consumer satisfaction is expected to rise with the improved fit in between the customer requirements and product offering, provided a manufacturer may facilitate customization using a reasonable price.

Custom boxes have logos

Custom boxes that have logos is one other method of differentiating various products. Individuals are willing to pay 20 percent more for the packaging.

Custom boxes provide durability and solid construction

Custom boxes provide durability and solid construction, and ensures that your product gets to the consumer securely and as it does and the consumer is satisfied, more loyalty and sales is guaranteed, meaning your productivity will rise.

Custom packaging shows an increased level of care

As a package gets to the customer inside a customized box, it’ll show an increased care level on the merchant’s behalf. It’ll create a positive impact which not just will augment the branding and packaging efforts, it’ll help the consumer feel like they’re having a special shopping experience from start to finish. Due to this positive experience, they’re more likely to buy from the exact same retailer and share their experience with family and friends. Family and friends will also share on social media and increase traffic even more!

How a Packaging Box Attracts Customers

Packaging Box

Marketing nowadays is everything, without the correct resources and strategy for advertising, your business won’t generate the results you expect. To create these, you’ll also require a good looking, nicely crafted product and obviously, a custom box for shipping and packaging, because looks matter. More importantly, looks sell; therefore, if you want to increase your product sales, make certain that you create a professional and unique image of the product using a custom packaging box, which will fit your product and add a visual impact which determines customers to purchase it. Let us see how your customized box ought to look, to make a hit when sending out a high volume cardboard packaging boxes.

What colors to use

Statistics show that for each kind of product you ought to use a different color which fits the product description. For instance:

  • For the food industry, it’s suggested that you use red, because it’s discovered in several fresh products.
  • The color brown may be used for wooden objects and furniture because it represents wood’s natural color.
  • The color green usually is related to ecological products; therefore, if your company is anything about environmental protection it’s your color.
  • Black may be used for miscellaneous things or household objects, it inspires control and confidence, that way showing that you rule the marketplace.
  • White it’s related to cleaning products because when you view white it typically means cleanliness.

You may blend as many colors as you want and of course, you do not need to go by these rules yet as I said, these will match the product description; therefore, these ought to be your first choice. However, color is not everything, style will count, as well.

Using several colors for your box

For a minimalist design, it’s recommended to utilize a blend of two colors, one for the background and one for the text, typically, one good option includes associating black and red, or gold and white. These colors create an elegant appearance and add more value to a product.

What kind of box should you use?

There are multiple kinds; however, you need to select one which makes your product stand out above the rest. For instance, you may use Corrugated Trays for food products, Regular Slotted Container for smaller items or Full Over Lap for heavier objects, select the one which matches the product.

Recycling of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Packaging Boxes

There is a lot of talk about how important it is to take steps to protect the environment. One of the catch phrases in America is the three r’s. Not reading, writing and arithmetic, but another three r’s that people are talking about. These “R’s” are reduce, reuse and recycle. These things are designed to keep people from ruining all of the natural resources that the Earth has to give them. Cardboard packaging boxes are an example of how people can work together to help protect the environment.


In order to reduce the amount of cardboard packaging that is used, it is important to learn about the ability to order in small quantities and to have custom sized boxes made. This will help a business use less boxes and less material for the boxes that they do use. Rather than having boxes that have a lot of empty space, a business can have a box that fits the product that will be put in it. Most cardboard packaging companies can handle custom sized boxes and small quantity orders.


Cardboard packaging boxes can be reused in so many ways. They can be used to store stuff, they can be used for shipping, they can be used for moving, they can be used as kid’s toys and so much more. People need to think about how they can use a box before they decide to get rid of it.


Cardboard boxes are the perfect thing for the recycling bin. Instead of sending them to the local landfill to deteriorate over the course of a few years, cardboard is easily recycled so it can be reused. Corrugated cardboard is typically made out of recycled material. Many other boxes are also made from mostly recycled cardboard.

Recycling may not always seem easy. It requires taking old boxes to a special facility that can handle recycled material. It can make communities spend extra money to set up a program to collect recycled material. While it may not always be easy to do, it is something that is worthwhile. Cardboard packaging companies will buy the old boxes and will reuse them to make new boxes. The recycled boxes can be less costly than a box made from new material. It not only makes business sense; it helps protect the environment.

Not everyone is willing to take the time and effort that recycling requires. Both business and individual will find excuses not to recycle and will leave that up to others. Because cardboard is so easy to recycle, it needs to become more common. It is the right thing to do.

The Right Packaging for E-Commerce is Crucial

Starting an online business is a popular option for entrepreneurs these days. It comes with the potential benefit of lowered expenses such as rent and utilities, but that doesn’t mean one should skimp on other crucial expenses. One important area that online retailers should focus on is the sourcing of their shipping boxes.

Many e-commerce business owners tend to spend a great deal of time thinking about the status of their website, such that they often forget about the quality of their shipments. Having the adequate packaging supplies on hand at all times is extremely important.

An experienced packaging supplier can offer anything that an e-commerce business would ever need to ensure the safety, reliability and uniqueness of their shipments. It’s important to use properly sized boxes that are sufficiently strong to handle any type of shipment.  Protective packaging, tape, and good quality shipping labels are also important. As a business owner, you don’t want anything to go wrong while a product is being shipped to your client.

Make a Good Impression

Avoid the cheap-looking packaging and shipment goods – you want your client to have a good impression of your business after all. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to promote your business. With the right manufacturer, you can also opt for your shipping boxes to be custom made with graphics in order for you to stand out from the crowd. This can definitely help increase your brand awareness and grow your business.

How Retail Packaging Helps Your Business

The right custom retail packaging can literally determine whether or not your product is sold. Most customers respond to the packaging design before they’ll even think about anything else. Remember, your products are going to be in stores full of other products, and these products are all going to seem very much the same to customers who are just browsing. Your products need to stand out among the rest and catch their eyes, or customers may not even notice it at all.

An excellent product will often generate a following simply because of its quality, but people have to purchase it first. They may never get that far if the product is sold in dull packaging. The packaging that a product uses will often carry its logo and slogan, which are also very important parts of its marketing.

People may hear about a product or see mentions of it online, and they need to have identifying imagery in order to successful draw any sort of match between their memories and what they see in stores. Custom retail packaging plays on the way in which customers purchase goods and the way in which advertising works for customers.

Businesses that don’t use custom retail packaging are doing themselves a disservice – it’s that simple. With the right custom packaging manufacturer on your side, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your sales and growing your brand.

Finding the Right Cardboard Packaging Companies

Product packaging should not be an afterthought. Unfortunately, many companies do not put much effort into the packaging that they use to ship their products to businesses and consumers. They are missing out on an opportunity to save money, to protect their products and to increase the brand awareness for their product. When the right cardboard packaging provider is chosen, all of these things can be improved upon. There are several things to consider when choosing the right provider for the packaging.

The Types of Products

It may be common for people to choose the boxes they use by deciding what is the easiest and most convenient. If they are doing this, they may be using boxes that are not appropriately sized or that do not provide adequate protection for the contents that re inside. It is better to find cardboard packaging companies that can provide a box that will fit the product. This can often be accomplished with the help of custom boxes that can come in any size and shape. It is also important to choose a box that provides the adequate level of protection. Boxes with double and triple wall construction will be stronger than boxes with single wall construction.

A cardboard packaging provider can also provide a business with dividers, partitions and other packaging material that will keep the contents of the box from shifting around and getting damaged during the shipping process. It is easiest to get all of the boxes and packaging supplies from the same company.

Printed Boxes

There are planet of people that will see the boxes that packages are sent in. From the time they are in transit from a business to a retailer or a consumer, the packages will be seen by plenty of people. The boxes are also reused by people for a long time, which allows anything that has been printed on them to be seen over and over again. Adding graphics and wording to the boxes is a marketing and branding opportunity that should not be missed by businesses. It is a low cost and effective way to create a buzz about a product or business.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Cardboard packaging companies that use recycled paper products to make their boxes are helping the environment. It is a good idea for a business to consider these types of products so they can also be labeled as an environmentally friendly product. That can be a powerful marketing tool as well as the being the right thing to do.

Product Packaging As Advertising Tool

Have you heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? This may hold true when it comes to you and me, but we can’t help but judge a product according to its inside and outside appearance. Toddlers and young children instinctively know this. They see a cereal box and quickly reach for their favorite characters, colors, or free cereal box toys. When we receive a gift, we assume the nicer the packaging, the more valuable the gift may be. When deciding between two similarly identical products on a store shelf, at times the last deciding factor relies on the color of the box, the high-quality pictures, the strategically placed fonts, and product packaging recognition. Large corporations, top advertising agencies, public relations and marketing departments, etc knows that every detail of their merchandise, including their product packaging can increase profit sales substantially.

As a business, you will want the most exposure by many avenues. Product packaging is one of the many strategies and it is an excellent subliminal marketing tool strategy. It is a chance to brand your company, and increase your profit sales. Product packaging is your perfect opportunity to place your company brand directly into the hands of your consumers.

First off, let’s take a closer look. Why would advertisers jump at the opportunity to spend $140,000 for 30 seconds of air time during the Stanley Cup Finals? “In all, 16.2 million Canadians, or about half the country, watched some or all of the game” The Star, June 14, 2011. Now that’s an exposure in magnitude. Advertisers understand the persuasiveness of product exposure and awareness. Their product packaging involved 30 tiny seconds to captivate their audience, in hopes of making a lasting impression. They understand statistically what this can ultimately do to enlarge their net profits. There is a principle here that is so effective; advertisers will gladly spend for a “30 second”product packaging opportunity. You too can emulate this footprint and apply this principle to your own product packaging strategy!

Let’s think outside the blank box. Why spend all your time and effort improving your merchandise yet deliver your final product in a plain blank box? Visualize this Cactus Containers as your white canvas, ready to be branded by your company. It is your crucial necessary step to start your subliminal marketing. It is your final step in presenting and staging your star. The more effort you put into your product packaging, the more impressionable it will be to the consumer.

How can they be impressed? Use a superior presentation. At times, the first impression is the only impression one can give. Take for instance a typical job interview. You have one chance to impress the potential employer not only by your job skills and abilities, but by how you present yourself. Are you polite and sincere? Is your business attire sharp and pressed? Are you groomed, well-mannered, competent? Employers take into account every detail to your presentation and the same holds true for product packaging presentation.

Consumers make quick judgments on multitude of products. Consumers also take into account every detail about your product packaging. A top-notch eye-catching presentation will keep their attention. Is your product packagingpresentation up to standards? Does it clearly showcase your company name? Does it explain what your merchandise is? Are your logos well branded? Are your fonts easy to read? Their first impression of you may be your only “30 seconds of air time”. Make every second count. Make every detail count.

We want our consumers to be dazzled, pizzazz, impressed. We want to present and captivate. We want to outshine the competitors. We want them to remember us; our logo, our color theme, our name, our product. We want them to remember our company, so the next time they need our merchandise or service, they will think of us. Our ultimate goal is to outshine the competitors, product recognition, and repeat business. It involves a lot of careful planning and creative thinking, but if our product packaging is solid, it can raise our profit sales significantly.

For a solid product packaging, please visit their Web site at, contact them by telephone at 1-888-776-8000 or email them at

Packaging Boxes For Your Needs

When you ship product on a regular basis, of course the cost of your packaging boxes will add up over time. You may not realize how much you’re paying for these and may not think of it since they’re relatively inexpensive for each one, but even the smallest item you need to run your business can cost too much when you consider how many you use each week or month.Any and all companies can save on packaging boxes if you know where and how to shop and how to ensure that you are paying the best price. Too often companies buy from their office supply store or from a local retailer or sales rep. If you order from someone that drops off catalogs to your office, this can be convenient but not very cost effective. Taking some time to look around and to find the best packaging boxesthat are also affordable can mean saving big in the long run.Most companies use a multi quote system for saving on everything they use, and you can do the same when it comes to packaging boxes and all other shipping materials you use. To do this for your company, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Getting multiple quotes.

How do you get multiple quotes for packaging boxes and how does this help you to save money? The first thing you need to do is write in a spreadsheet the different sizes of materials you need, line by line. Then you can start shopping online and finding different suppliers for these packaging boxes for yourself. Note the site and the price as well as any other details such as discounts you get for ordering a certain amount.As you write out these different quotes, you may immediately see where and how to save on packaging boxes, at a glance. Once you see those prices right next to each other, you can see how much you may be overspending with your current supplier and see in dollars and cents how much you could be saving. Get at least three different quotes from three different suppliers for packaging boxes so you know you’re saving.

Getting new quotes.

It’s also important to get new quotes for packaging boxes, moving forward. Many companies require their purchasing department to get at least three new quotes whenever they need to purchase anything. You can do the same whenever you need to order a large number of packaging boxes as this will mean that you’re saving money with each order.The bottom line is that just buying your packaging boxes from your current supplier or closest retailer without really hunting down bargains is no way to ensure you’re saving money. It doesn’t take that long to do an online search for packaging boxes and to find new suppliers and those that are more cost effective. Doing so will mean saving as much money as possible for your company.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Boxes come in all different shapes and sizes which are used for a variety of purposes. People use boxes to store away items when they are not needed, such as seasonal decorations and keep sakes. People use boxes for moving from one residence to another to pack up household items, which are loaded into a truck and moved to the new location. Moving boxes need to be constructed well in order to protect the contents from being damaged. Boxes offered by moving companies are often Custom cardboard boxes which features the moving companies name as well as directions and suggested usages for the different size boxes. Custom cardboard boxes used for moving are available in different sizes to fit the types of items being packed up and include small, medium and large boxes. Items which can make the weight of the boxes heavy, such as books, should be backed into small moving boxes in order to prevent the bottoms from breaking and to not become so overweighed they are difficult to move. 

Companies and organizations of all sizes often have Custom cardboard boxes created and manufactured by an outside firm, such as Cactus Containers, The customization services offered by Cactus Containers can include assistance with creating a custom box which includes corporate logos, slogan, and images or graphics. The boxes can be used for shipping merchandise to consumers or for other purposes, such a display stands, or specialty boxes for use at trade shows and conventions. When a company has a new product release, the use of specialty boxes, which are Custom cardboard boxes, can be used to pass out product information and free samples of the new product. These specialty boxes can be designed to fit the new product being marketed to consumers in any shape or size, in order to increase product awareness and generate sales. Cactus Containers provides other services in addition to Custom cardboard boxes, such as offering custom cases which can be made of soft materials and hard plastics, packaging supplies, and box dividers.

Packaging supplies, such as packing tape, can be customized with special instructions, company name, web site address, or other information all on the tape. Other custom packaging supplies offered include custom labels, custom foam inserts, and custom printed bags. Cactus Containers has provided custom made solutions, includingCustom cardboard boxes for many brand name and popular companies including The Discovery Channel, National Geographic,, Disney on Ice, Jockey Underwear, and the Coors Brewing Company. Some of these customers had special demands for the type of custom box needed and Cactus Containers was able to complete the projects as requested. All orders are custom fabricated based upon the customers design specifications with the ability to have design samples created prior to placing an order. Cactus Containers specializes in small orders and large batch orders are not necessary with most projects averaging quantities around 250 pieces and is able to also provide large batch orders for companies needing large quantities. For further information about Custom cardboard boxes or to receive a free quote, call 888-776-8000.

Folding Packaging And Its Uses

How does a Chinese take-out food box, cell phone, cereal, eggs, and toothpaste relate? If you said they are things I already have in my home, then yes, that’s a good answer. But more notably, they are things that at one point came from a store packaged in its special folding packaging.

We have come a long way from selling eggs in a basket to using a folding carton specifically built to protect and cradle each fragile egg. In the 1840’s folding cartons were made by hand. Beginning in the late 19th century, thefolding packaging created the packaging industry as we know it today.

Would you buy your brand new cell phone a bit damaged, dirty, and dusty that is sitting alone on a store shelf? Of course you wouldn’t. Would you buy a brand new cell phone that is still in its folding carton, sealed, protected, and not damaged? There is a higher chance you would say “yes”.

As a consumer, we prefer to purchase our goods in its original folding carton. The folding carton tells us that it is a brand new item. The folding carton tells us it was delivered safely. The folding carton even has pictures and words so we don’t have to guess what is inside. It’s pretty straightforward and basic, right?

As a company selling goods, using a folding packaging system is an inevitable tool for retail and profit. It is custom made specifically for our goods. The folding packaging represents the company just as our clothes portray our personality. Folding packaging is the final step to present the product and it is the first step to captivate the consumer.

Don’t forget the folding carton inner flaps. The folding carton inner flaps are a wonderful invention. The inner flaps are perfect for sealing the folding carton shut. The folding carton is a self-sealing unit in itself without needing additional adhesive or packaging tape. It creates an extra security, keeping the products intact and inside thefolding carton.

The folding carton made of paperboard is both versatile and economical. Use this flexibility to make a sturdy, heavy paperboard folding carton to protect fragile items. Or use a thinner smaller corrugate to package goods such as cereal or toothpaste.

Brand your folding package product. The Chinese take-out food comes in a distinctive folding carton box we all seem to love and recognize. The folding carton holds the food in. The flaps on the top seal the folding carton on top. The logo outside the folding carton box lets us know the company name. The folding carton is solid, branded, and practical.

Bottom line, the consumers prefer a folding carton before buying their product. It’s inevitable a folding packaging system is needed for profit. Cactus Containers can fulfill both these requirements with ease. Contact Cactus Containers to create your perfect folding packaging needs.

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