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How is a Corrugated Cardboard Box Made?

It is simple for a business to decide to use a corrugated cardboard box, they just need to understand the benefits of them. They may or may not know what makes these boxes the right choice for their products. If they would take the time to learn how these boxes are made they may understand what the advantages of using these types of boxes are.

Making Corrugated Cardboard

The first step in the construction of a corrugated cardboard box is to make the cardboard. It starts with large rolls of kraft paper. While kraft paper is a thicker type of paper, it is not very sturdy on its own. It would provide little protection for anything that is wrapped inside of it, if it did not undergo a transformation to become corrugated cardboard.

A layer of kraft paper is rolled out. A second layer is crimped and folded. That layer is glued to the first layer of paper. Once those layers are connected, a third layer is put on top to hold everything in place. The final result is a piece of cardboard that is strong and durable.

It is possible to add to the strength and durability of the cardboard by adding a sealant to the top of the cardboard. This sealant can make the product water resistant and less likely to tear.

Making The Cardboard Into Boxes

Sheets of corrugated cardboard are not ready to use for shipping products around the world. In order for that to happen, they need to be turned into boxes. Folding corrugated boxes are the most commonly used. These are built by cutting a pattern with the corrugated cardboard. The pattern will allow the piece of corrugated cardboard to be folded into the shape of the box. The size of the box can vary depending on what is needed. After the cardboard has been shaped into a box, the bottom and the top will be sealed. It can be sealed through the use of tape, glue or stitching.

Many businesses will choose one more step in the making of folding corrugated boxes. They will add custom graphics to the box. It may identify which side is up or it could identify the brand of the company that is putting the products into the box. They may include shipping information or other instructions. The use of graphics and corrugated cardboard can turn a basic box into something that is much better and much more useful for any business.

Printed Foldable Boxes Are For More Than Just Pizza

Most people are familiar with pizza boxes. On a Friday night there may be millions of these boxes being picked up or delivered to the front door of homes around the world. The boxes are designed to hold a pizza and to keep it warm until it gets to the person that is ready to eat it. The design of these boxes has not changed much.

The boxes that are used for pizzas are often called folding boxes. The cardboard used for these boxes is cut into a shape that can later be folded together into the box that everyone is familiar with. When they are not ready for a pizza, they can easily be stacked flat. They do not require as much space as when the boxes have been folded into shape.

Folding boxes for pizzas may be very familiar, but they are not the only way that these boxes can be used. It is easy to find these boxes made of different types of cardboard. They can use the corrugated cardboard similar to pizza boxes or they can use a thinner cardboard that is more suitable for different products. All of these boxes allow people to shape and fold them when they are needed. That makes them easier to store when they are not in used. Saving space is often very important for many businesses and products.

The boxes have the ability to be made in whatever size is needed. They can also be made in different shapes depending on the product that is being held. They can be designed to make sure that whatever is inside the box is held safely and securely in place until it arrives at its destination.

In addition to holding the product, it is also possible to turn to printed foldable boxes. Again, the pizza industry has used this for a long time. The graphics that re on the box can be used for many things. Pizza places have used it to help them spread their brand. When people see a pizza box that has a familiar color or design, they know exactly where it has come from.

The ability to get printed foldable boxes can help other products in the same way it helps pizza places advertise their product. It can help a person recognize the brand of the product or it can help a person recognize what the product is. Any time a business can market their brand and products, they should take advantage of that. Even if it is using boxes to accomplish the feat.

Turn Folding Cardboard Boxes into More

Cardboard boxes serve a fairly simple purpose. They are designed to hold something inside of them. A folding cardboard box consists of 6 sides and can be closed on the top. They can often be stacked on top of each other. Cardboard boxes are sometimes thrown away after they have been used and they can also be reused by people at times. Cardboard boxes are not a new invention, but many people are discovering new ways that they can be used all of the time. Smart businesses are taking advantage of what the boxes can offer them to do many things.


A simple cardboard box is often brown in color. The top and bottom of the boxes are taped shut. Instead of looking at these folding corrugated boxes as a vessel to put things in, a business should look at them as an opportunity to let other people know about what they have to offer. This can be accomplished through the use of custom graphics. The graphics can be simple or they can be very ornate. The graphics should work to accomplish a few different goals. The graphics should help people identify what is inside of the boxes. The graphics should also let people know where the boxes are coming from. It is an opportunity to create brand awareness through the graphics that should never be underestimated. The boxes will be seen during the shipping, while the boxes are stored and when the boxes are reused. It could become a marketing tool that has a long life without much cost.


One of the great ways to use folding corrugated boxes is by making them into a display box. When the box is opened up, it can still be used to display the contents that re inside. It allows businesses to use point of purchase marketing techniques without having to purchase any additional equipment.


The right folding cardboard boxes will help protect whatever is inside. If the boxes are custom designed, they will be able to hold the items inside properly and prevent them from being damaged while shipping. No one wants to open a box that is full of stuff that is broken and the right boxes may be the best way to prevent that from happening.

There are other ways that the folding boxes can be used. It is often up to the imagination of the business that is using them. With the right effort, these boxes can become a lot more than many people think about them.

Folding Packaging And Its Uses

How does a Chinese take-out food box, cell phone, cereal, eggs, and toothpaste relate? If you said they are things I already have in my home, then yes, that’s a good answer. But more notably, they are things that at one point came from a store packaged in its special folding packaging.

We have come a long way from selling eggs in a basket to using a folding carton specifically built to protect and cradle each fragile egg. In the 1840’s folding cartons were made by hand. Beginning in the late 19th century, thefolding packaging created the packaging industry as we know it today.

Would you buy your brand new cell phone a bit damaged, dirty, and dusty that is sitting alone on a store shelf? Of course you wouldn’t. Would you buy a brand new cell phone that is still in its folding carton, sealed, protected, and not damaged? There is a higher chance you would say “yes”.

As a consumer, we prefer to purchase our goods in its original folding carton. The folding carton tells us that it is a brand new item. The folding carton tells us it was delivered safely. The folding carton even has pictures and words so we don’t have to guess what is inside. It’s pretty straightforward and basic, right?

As a company selling goods, using a folding packaging system is an inevitable tool for retail and profit. It is custom made specifically for our goods. The folding packaging represents the company just as our clothes portray our personality. Folding packaging is the final step to present the product and it is the first step to captivate the consumer.

Don’t forget the folding carton inner flaps. The folding carton inner flaps are a wonderful invention. The inner flaps are perfect for sealing the folding carton shut. The folding carton is a self-sealing unit in itself without needing additional adhesive or packaging tape. It creates an extra security, keeping the products intact and inside thefolding carton.

The folding carton made of paperboard is both versatile and economical. Use this flexibility to make a sturdy, heavy paperboard folding carton to protect fragile items. Or use a thinner smaller corrugate to package goods such as cereal or toothpaste.

Brand your folding package product. The Chinese take-out food comes in a distinctive folding carton box we all seem to love and recognize. The folding carton holds the food in. The flaps on the top seal the folding carton on top. The logo outside the folding carton box lets us know the company name. The folding carton is solid, branded, and practical.

Bottom line, the consumers prefer a folding carton before buying their product. It’s inevitable a folding packaging system is needed for profit. Cactus Containers can fulfill both these requirements with ease. Contact Cactus Containers to create your perfect folding packaging needs.

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