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Think Out Of the Box about the Box – Packaging Is Crucial Nowadays

Today, packaging isn’t merely a means to protect or store the products; rather, it has become a major player in business marketing campaigns. It can make or break a brand. Product packaging is important to retailers, brand owners and consumers.

Many studies show that packaging can influence buyer’s decision making process. If you think your packaging design is good, think twice! Know if your packaging is capable of distinguishing your products from your competitors’ products, when placed side-by-side with them. If not, there is still enough room for bring improvements and innovations to your packaging.

When It Comes to Product Satisfaction, Packaging Is Very Important

From the store shelves to the moment of disposal, packaging impacts brand satisfaction throughout the product lifecycle. So far price and quality were considered to be the most significant elements of product satisfaction, but you will be surprised to know that the average consumer considers packaging equally important as brand itself.

How Much Do You Spend On Your Product Packaging?

Now, compare the total spending on your brand with your product packaging cost. The amounts are nowhere near being equal. Perhaps, this is why top marketers have already started focusing more on the packaging aspect of a brand.

Packaging Attributes That Matter

Results of a survey done with an aim to study shopping habits and consumer satisfaction with product packaging by a leading market research company claims that the shape, color, material, graphics and labeling of the packaging play a major role in determining sales of a specific brand. The survey was done on 3000 U.S. based consumers in the month of October 2012.

The highest number, 64% of the participants, agreed that they will sometimes buy an off-the-shelf product only being attracted by packaging, without having any prior knowledge about it. Another interesting fact uncovered in the survey is, around 72% of consumers use smartphones to research a product while they are shopping in brick-mortar stores.

What Drives Repeat Business

Packaging is also one of the key factors that drive repeat business in addition to TV ads, online reviews and word of mouth. Less than 20% of the consumers say that they are highly satisfied with the packaging. Store owners, too, are very satisfied with its look and feel on the shelves, but annoyed with several structural features that don’t perform the way they were supposed to.

Packaging That Works

Out of the 15 packaging features studied to gauge the importance of each, ‘shelf appeal’ or ‘product distinctiveness’ was ranked as the least important one. Consumers have been focusing more on the functionality aspect of the packaging. For example, your packaging should be easy to open and easy to use. If you carry a ready-to-eat food item, you may want to create a packaging that can work as a plate when consumers unpack it.

Are You an E-commerce Business?

It is recommended that you use custom printed shipping boxes, or shipping tubes to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the consumers. You may also use box accessories like foam inserts and corner protectors to add an extra layer of protection for products inside the boxes.

So, what are you thinking about? Hire a professional packaging company and draw in more sales with creative packaging.

Things to Know About Shipping Boxes and Styles

“Shipping boxes” is a wide, broad term to describe boxes used for shipping. One of the most important things to know before buying Small Shipping Boxes or even Large Double Wall Shipping Boxes is you need to know what is the weight of the product you are packing. There are many board tests that can be used for shipping boxes. Depending on the size and weight, a board test will be figured out. Shipping boxes are made in many styles as well. Once the weight and size is worked out, the style will be determined. Boxes for bicycles, for example, are FOL style and can be made with double wall material. A FOL style box has flaps that overlap each other on top and bottom. This gives a very strong reinforced top and bottom to the box. Standard shipping boxes are called RSC Style or Regular Slotted Containers. These are the most popular style of boxes for shipping as these are the least expensive. Printing a one or two color logo can be added as well.

Another style of shipping boxes includes “FPF” Five Panel Folder. This is a great style of shipping box if you are packing out something like frames or flat panels. These boxes can be made with Double Wall as well as Single Wall corrugated board. They can be printed on too.

If you want to give your shipping box a more retail look as well as great protection the Telescopic Top and Bottom shipping box is a good way to go. This gives you a clean top and bottom with no seems. The sides are doubled thickness for better protection in shipping.

All of these shipping style boxes can be made with double wall heavy duty board and standard single wall corrugated board. Both of these corrugated boards are made in white for a cleaner look.

For an extra protection and a great look, a custom foam insert can go inside your shipping box to keep even the most fragile item safe. We offer many densities in Polyethylene Foam and in Polyurethane Foam. These Foam Inserts are die-cut to any shape to fit your product just right. Add this to your shipping box and you will have a very safe and protected product ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. Many customers have a product that only needs a little extra protection for shipping. Foam Corner Protectors add a good protect for items. These come in many thicknesses and sizes depending on the weight and what you are shipping. A shipping box can be sized accordingly to fit with the Corner Protectors not matter what style of shipping box you have picked.

Always talk to a packaging expert to make sure you are getting the correct style of shipping boxes on the right corrugated board for your needs. All shipping boxes are not the same. The right box can save you time and money.

Product Packaging – It’s Time to Make A Change Now

“Packaging Matters” – I’m sure you might have heard this in a number of seminars, webinars and online posts. And it is true! The consumers’ mindset towards product packaging has changed remarkably in the last few years, which, in turn, is forcing companies to revolutionize their packaging ideas to fill in the customer satisfaction gap and thrive in the market.

Packaging That Brings Sales

Packaging designers, suppliers, manufacturers and owners are striving to develop a packaging box design that works right for their products. Wondering how? Well, a right design can make your product outshine others on the shelves and entice the consumers to buy your products.

Studies show that 64% of consumers make purchase decision at the store, without researching the product beforehand. So if you are a brand, having a state-of-the-art packaging design will surely attract your targeted audience and turn them into potential customers.

But, do you think an attractive design is enough to turn into sales?

Packaging That Sets the Right Chord with Your Niche

One of the most common mistakes often made by companies is that they focus only on the look and feel of the packaging and overlook a very significant factor – relevancy. It means your product packaging should be able to speak the language of your targeted audience. Rather than focusing on creating an aesthetically appealing design, the first thing you need to ensure is that your packaging idea should be reflecting the needs and anticipations of your market.

You may conduct a survey or do a market research to learn what your customers want in form of packaging. You may also study what your competitors are doing. Based on the audience you’re targeting and your product, the packaging design, its size and shape will vary dramatically.

Get Repeat Business

When the point is to get repeat business, product packaging is one of the most important factors, provided you sell quality products. Studies reveal that packaging can influence the buyers and increase product satisfaction, which in turn brings repeat business. Research shows that today consumers are seeing packaging equally important as the brand.

Establish Communication Channel

Packaging is a way to communicate with your audience. Imprint your company logo along with usage instructions and a pretty image. Also, highlight accreditation, certification and authenticity in your packaging and let it speak for your brand. However, if done wrong, it may back-fire at your brand reputation. Thus, it is essential to choose the right professional packaging company.

Packaging Is Powerful

Only a few companies across the world have focused on functionality or usability aspect of packaging till date. Introducing creativity in structural elements of packaging can make it usable for the consumers; this is mainly useful in food and beverage market. Many ready-to-eat food products are available today whose packaging is designed to keep product fresh, intact, and some turn out into a temporary plate when opened.

Is your packaging able to bridge the gap to 100% customer satisfaction and make your product stand out? If not, this is the right time to undergo a packaging box transformation.

Search internet to find a great variety of cardboard packaging including corrugated display, single wall shipping boxes, double wall shipping boxes. So, what’s stopping you now?

Cardboard Displays Are a Great Way to Display a Product

Whether it be a key chain or a CD, anything is possible with cardboard displays. Since they are a printed medium, cardboard displays are great at grabbing attention of the buyer.

You can print 1, 2, or even 4-color-process artwork on a cardboard display. Cardboard displays usually have a header card which is an area in the back portion that stands up with a logo and possibly some text on it. Cardboard displays are inexpensive and very useful.

Cactus Corrugated Containers has a huge selection of stock and custom corrugated displays. Most people use cardboard displays because they are a cost effective way to get your product out on the market. Many know that getting a new product out into the world is not an easy task, especially with all the competition around. Cardboard displays make the task easier and give you a head start.

Save yourself time and money and call Cactus Containers. They offer so many great ideas when it comes to cardboard displays and display boxes. Whether you are selling a product or just want to display something, use adisplay box. Not only do they have display boxes but also offer mailer style boxes, shipping boxes, setup boxes and even tubes – all can be custom-made.

Cactus Containers even ships for free if you are in Southern California. If you need packaging for a great price, whether you are in China or right here in the USA, you can find whatever you are looking for right at Cactus Containers, Southern California’s best source for cardboard displays, paperboard displays and mailers.

Mailing Tubes for Your Storage and Mailing Solutions

Cactus Containers can provide your company with custom mailing tubes. Mail tubes are durable but yet lightweight and are a great way to send blueprints, drawings, banners and so much more. You can be assured that by using open end and crimped end mailing tubes for your posters, art prints, or signage that they will be completely protected from any damage that can easily occur when being shipped or mailed. Mailing tubes are ideal for not only mailing, but for storing of your media as well.

You can choose between paper caps or plastic plugs to secure the ends of open ended mailing tubes. Crimped mailing tubes do not require any end caps. More and more businesses are finding that custom shipping tubes are a better way and more efficient way to transport goods that don’t quite fall into the “normal” category for shipping.

Plain, Kraft mailing tubes are good bet to keep your costs down. If you want to spruce your packaging up a bit and can spend a little extra, you can choose colored paper for the tubes or even choose to do a direct 1 color print to the tube. Trying to promote or advertise with mail tubes? 4 Color, lithographic labeling is a great way to catch the eye of the recipient of your mailing tube. Many promoters and advertisers use 4 color lithographic labels to customize their mail tubes.

Using telescoping tubes, whether it’s a 2 piece or a 3 piece tube, is a great way to get your mailing tubes or shipping tubes look clean and professional. Want a little extra protection? Shipping tubes are similar to mailing tubes, but carry a bit more strength and durability. Shipping tubes are an effective way to mail fishing poles, flagpoles, spools of all sorts, ribbon, string, yarn, rope, fabric, elastic materials, and paper while protecting them during the shipping process. If you are looking for a great custom tube supplier, Cactus Containers out of Southern California can help and ultimately provide you with just the right solution for your paper tubes needs.

Corrugated Cartons and Custom Tubes – The Packaging Solution for You

Everything in your office or home would have come to you in a box or packaging when purchased. Even when you move, these boxes are what that comes to your aid. Packaging is an age old concept that has always accompanied us when shipping or moving something. Though the concept of packaging has not changed for centuries, its form, methods, purpose, procedure and usage has changed from time to time. In this modern world, packaging of your product is considered one of the key aspects of marketing for your product. The fact that Packaging has found a place under the first P – ‘Product‘ in the modern business’ 4 P’s of Marketing Principle is a testimony to its importance in today’s business setup.

Essentially, packaging is what keeps your product safe and secure while it is being shipped to stores or customers. Almost every consumer product now comes in corrugate cartons. These corrugate cartons are one of the finest creations of packaging engineers as they satisfy every possible requirement of a good shipping container.

Conventionally, these boxes or shipping containers are designed based on the mode of transportation that is used to ship the products and also the arrangement of these boxes inside the container. Though these boxes inherently absorb some shock while being transported, they need extra cushioning and bracing when the products that they carry are fragile.

Corrugate cartons are mostly made out of recycled fiber, making them the best eco-friendly packaging material available. Besides this, there are lots of other features of these cartons that make them the most desirable packaging material. These corrugated cartons have the best strength to weight ratio. That is, it is extremely light weight but at the same time has good strength to hold its structure and protect the product. Another important attribute of it is its stacking strength. These cartons have a very good stacking strength. This is very essential because almost all packages will be stacked at great heights in warehouses and containers. This strength prevents these cartons from caving in under its own weight and damaging the products. Also, since these are paper based material, it is easier and cheaper to print signs and other manufacturer and shipping details directly on them. Apart from all these good properties of carton boxes as packaging material, the crucial factor that tips the scales in its favor is its low cost. They are the most cost effective and functional packaging item ever designed.

Though most products are packed only in cube shaped boxes, some products require some customized shapes. Some products have a small cross sectional area but are very long. Many manufacturers of carton boxes also do them in customized shapes based on customer needs. The next common shape for these cartons, besides rectangular box shape, is custom tubes for long products. Some of the manufacturers provide end- to-end customized packing solutions.

So if you are a product manufacturer whose products need to be shipped, all that you have to do is find a reliable carton manufacturer and let them take care of all your packaging needs.

7 Unbelievable Ways to Reuse Cardboard Tube Containers

Oh yes, everyone knows cardboard mail tubes, also known as postal tubes, are used to package critical papers, articles and documents while shipping. But you might have no idea how these tubes can be used for a number of household needs. Don’t believe me? Read on.

1. Keep Fabric Clothes And Pants Wrinkle-Free

You open a door of your wardrobe and pick a pair of pants you haven’t donned for a long time, and now when you want to wear it, it has an ugly-looking crease found along the fold line created by the hanger. Well, if you don’t want to find yourself in such a situation again, use paper tubes. Cut the needed length of the tube, fold it horizontally, and then put it over the hanger rack before you place your pants on it. Don’t forget to tape the two sides of the tube from the bottom end; else your pants may slide off the hanger. You may also use tubes to wrap napkins and tablecloths to keep them crease-free. To protect the linens from stains, it is wise to wrap some plastic around the tubes first.

2. Store String, Fabric Scraps, Knitting Needles, etc.

Needless to say how frustrating it is to deal with interlaced string. However, using paper tubes smartly, you can store the string in ready-to-use mode. You simply need to wrap the string tightly around the tube and then secure the end in the split you created at the end of the tube.

Similarly, you can also store knitting needles in a long cardboard tube covered with an aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Seal bottom end with cellphone tape and squeeze the top end with tape tightly. This way your needles will stay secure and organized.

Moreover, you can also use cardboard tubes to store rolled fabric scraps, which can be placed inside the bathroom or kitchen. For quick recognition, you may staple a sample fabric outside the tube container.

3. Create A Knife Sheath

Unfold a paper tube and use duct tape to close one end of it. Your sheath for a picnic or camping knife is ready to use.

4. Create a Strip For Flies and Pest

Making a fly or pest strip is incredibly easy with empty cardboard mailing tubes. You simply need to cover the tube with glossy tape. Keep the sticky side outwards and your work is done.

5. Organize Christmas Lights

Does it take longer to untangle your Christmas lights than time needed to put them up? If yes, why don’t you wrap your lights around a corrugated cardboard tube and then mask them with tape.

6. Secure Fluorescent Light

Of course, no one wants that fluorescent light to break before they even use it once. Use long tubes closed at one end with tape to protect the fluorescent light.

7. Make A Boot Tree

If you don’t want the tops of long boots to flop over and develop a crease while sitting in the closet, you may place cardboard tubes inside of them. This will help boots retain their shape.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Just be innovative and you can use both new and used shipping tubes and even a corrugated display in a number of household applications.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes – Have Your Products Reach Their Destination Intact

In this post, I’ve shared some important packing tips that will help you get your items safely to their destination, which can be a retail marketplace or any other place. The guidelines outlined here include the key considerations in packing most items with utmost care. By following these simple yet extremely helpful tips, you will certainly do your part in ensuring their safe shipment delivery:

Select the Right Container

Choosing the perfect container or carton isn’t a difficult job, but it is one of the most important factors to consider while packaging products for shipping. You need to choose a container that can easily accommodate the size and shape of the product, and leave at least 2 inch of space around the shipment for cushioning material.

Corrugated boxes are widely used as shipping boxes. They are available in numerous shapes, sizes and styles. Additionally, if you are looking for the best fit shipping boxes, custom corrugate cartons recommended packaging solution for you.

Use Cardboard Box Accessories

Don’t cut back on cushioning material and corner protectors just to save a few dollars. Use foam inserts as cushioning to articles, as they absorb the shocks and vibrations generated during loading, unloading and transportation. Use of cardboard corner protectors is recommended, as it will eliminate the chances of product movement inside a shipping box.

If you are using a large corrugated box for packing multiple articles, you can use cardboard dividers to store the articles in organized manner. And this will also protect them from possible damages during manhandling and shipping. You may visit the online corrugated packaging product stores to find what’s available in the category of box accessories.

Special Protection for Special Items

If you are shipping fragile items or very expensive articles, I strongly recommend use of double wall shipping boxes made of cardboard material. These boxes are the right combination of strength, durability and cost. Also, it is wise not to pack such items in used shipping boxes.

If you are putting all fragile items together in a large size double wall cardboard shipping box, then it is advised to wrap every single article separately. This approach will reduce the chances of inner collision and possible damages due to it. For wrapping, you may use air-encapsulated plastic, expanded polystyrene or foam inserts.

Seal It Properly

Never overlook properly sealing your package. If not done right, it can put all your inside protection efforts in vain. Before sealing the box, shake it and make sure the items inside are not moving. Use a strong tape specifically made for shipments. Cover the box with pressure-sensitive plastic strips, as they give the boxes the necessary strength for secure closures. Use of cell phone tapes and masking tapes are not recommended for shipping items.

Don’t Forget To Label the Shipment

No matter how good packaging you have done so far, if you have not affixed the item detail and its destination address details, if needed, then there are fair chances of your shipment getting misplaced or lost. If you are reusing an old box, then make sure you remove the previous labels or markings from the box and then affix a new label. Always include complete address, including ZIP code, of receiver and yours above the box. For double security, you can also leave one label copy inside the box.

Considering these 5 tips will certainly help you ensure safe and secure delivery of your product shipments.

Get Free Estimation of Corrugated Boxes within 48 Hours by Cactus Containers

At Cactus Containers we have a team of packaging experts who have years of experience and unparalleled expertise in the cardboard packaging industry. Customers who want to request a free estimate for cardboard boxes and other packaging products may simply visit our online portal, fill out the contact form, and click on ‘Submit’ button. You can find our contact form at this link.

Cactus Containers also offers a wide range of cardboard packaging solutions including shipping box (RSC), mail tubes, specialty boxes, die-cut boxes, accessories, cased, and displays. Our company also supplies dividers, printed bags, printed labels, corner protectors, foam inserts, and printed tapes customized to the customer’s needs.

Cactus Containers has more than 30 years of experience in the packaging industry. We are trusted by thousands of businesses from all around the world for their world-class packaging solutions. No matter what size and style of corrugated boxes you require, we can make it feasible for you in the least time possible. We ship products all around the world and always strive to expand our client-base by delivering the best services on time, at the most reasonable prices”.

Packaging companies have come a long away from building simple brown colored corrugated boxes. We are now offering custom printed or graphically designed cardboard boxes. Based on a recent survey done by a leading US magazine, over 90% of the consumer products use corrugated cardboard boxes as their packaging solution during shipping. Cardboard boxes are widely used as storage, packaging, display as well as a shipping solution for various products.

At Cactus Containers we also offer top-quality custom corrugated displays and digitally printed labels. Our company provides our customers with custom designed boxes upon request. From a small business to a fortune 500 company, our packaging company caters to every size of business. To know further about our services or to contact us, you may visit our website: /.

Buying Boxes 101 in Southern California

If you’ve ever gone online to search for boxes, it can be a very frustrating and make you want to pack it in, to say the least. Most of the time, when calling companies to get quotes for shipping box or mailer, the person on the other end of the line makes you feel like you’re bothering them for your quote. Just FYI, you don’t have to put up with that. Southern California has more box plants that want your business and will treat you right. Cactus Containers is one of them. They will make you feel like you are important and have an interest in your product and what you want to do with your packaging. Boxes are not just something you grab behind a grocery store. Getting the right box takes knowledge and you have to talk to the right person, a packaging expert. I know finding the right person is the challenge. Cactus Containers is a family owned and operated box company that has real experts that you can talk with and trust to create a box for your needs and budget.

So many companies will try and talk you into something that works best for them.

Do a little research on what type of box you want. Get a few quotes on the same type of box and print. You may find the prices fluctuate a bit. This is because of the difference in machines and materials and how each company has to make them. All in all your prices should be pretty close. Don’t just jump on the cheapest box you find. There are reasons for a really low price. Make sure you understand all the in’s and out’s of what the company has quoted you for.

Quality boxes come from quality companies that use quality materials. Cactus Corrugated Containers uses quality boards, papers and inks for printing and die cutting which will give you a great looking product.

Finding the right Packaging Company in San Diego

Packaging fragile items for shipment can be both stressful and intimidating. A variety of techniques in marking, cushioning, and sealing exist, so this process can be quite confusing. Fortunately, packaging professionals in San Diego have the materials, equipment, experience, and knowledge to properly package these products quickly and efficiently.

Packaging Tips

There are a variety of issues that can cause damage to your fragile items during transport in your packaging box or carton. These include the following:

  • Packaging design failures
  • Severe impact
  • Improper unpacking or handing
  • Improper stacking that results in crushing
  • Hidden damages from bracing failure or internal cushioning

When you are shipping fragile items, it is important to pack them using special care to protect them from transportation damage. Crating can help to protect your items to an extent, but certain steps can also be taken:

  • Items such as electronics and glass that are especially fragile should be wrapped separately.
  • When fragile items are shipped with non-fragile items, they should be kept separate in order to minimize damage in the event that movement occurs.
  • Pack corrugated cartons or crates of fragile items full and tightly. This can leave less room for the items to shift when shipping.

Using Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are a good way to ship fragile items, as they provide both safety and flexibility. Crates can be built to accommodate non-standard and standard dimensions of freight, and they also provide the protection needed for fragile loads. When using crates, it is important to pack items closely together to prevent movement. The heaviest items should be packed at the bottom of the crate, while lighter items should be placed on top. Crates should be filled to capacity in order to minimize potential shifting, and if they cannot be filled all the way, excess space should be filled with packing materials.

Packaging Material for Breakable Items

When packing fragile items, either on your own or through the use of a packing company, utilizing packing materials is necessary to provide cushioning during transportation. The following items can be used to prevent fragile items:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Rags or towels
  • Packing paper or newspaper
  • Packing peanuts

It is also helpful to utilize boxes that have been pre-divided to the dimensions of certain products, like glassware or dishes. The use of these smaller compartments can help limit movement which can reduce the chance of your items being damaged.

Shopping Shipping Supplies for Your Startup

Running a startup isn’t every one’s cup of tea. It’s time-consuming and sometimes the bottom line can be extremely discouraging. But never leave your dream behind, rather you can reduce expenses by purchasing affordable shipping supplies that protect your product, enhance your brand name, and get you an edge against your competitors in the market.

When your product reaches the destination, you want to ensure it is safe and intact. This will help you stand out amongst others and create a powerful statement about your commitment to the quality. Allocating a small amount of your budget for affordable shipping supplies will certainly not reduce your profit margin; the only thing you need to ensure is you shop for the best shipping supplies available out there.

Hundreds of Corrugated Shipping Supplies to Choose From

Corrugated cartons are the most widely used shipping supplies in the market today. They are available in a great assortment of shapes, sizes and designs. Some of the most frequently used corrugated shipping supplies include mail tubes, corner protectors, telescoping boxes, RSC boxes and heavy duty boxes.

While looking for packaging solutions, it is essential to consider safeguarding products from the inside out. Foam inserts and edge protectors do not add extra weight to the shipment and yet provide the product with higher protection while in transit and even during manhandling. It is wise to wrap the items in poly bags to protect them from moisture.

You can also make use of Kraft paper or cardboard dividers to maintain the position of items within a carton during the shipping process. Corrugated pads, trays and mailers too are most commonly used shipping supplies that not only protect your shipment but promote your company, or brand as a whole.

Save Big with Smart Shopping

Why visit the brick mortar stores when there are numerous corrugated packaging stores available online? These web stores offer off-the-shelf, locally produced boxes, mailers and a range of shipping supplies at the most competitive rates.

When you shop from a renowned or reputed packaging supplier or manufacturer, you set out consistence manifestation for your products, which increase your brand’s popularity and enhance your company’s image in the market.

Instead of compromising with ‘average quality’ or ‘low-quality’ shipping supplies, working with packaging specialists help you design the ideal package for your individual product lines. Online shopping guarantees convenience, comfort and scaled down cost, due to reduced overhead for the supplier.

Reach out to a professional

An experienced packaging and shipping professional can show you the best ways to pack your products that not just keep them intact while in transit but also help promote them. Well-established packaging companies have a dedicated staff of packaging consultant who can help you customize your shipping supplies to best fit your needs.

This association makes future growth and expansion considerably easier than if you were having to start out from the scratch. Professional packaging companies focus on every small details like making packaged item list and many other methods of inventory management; this thing can make your work faster.

So, what’s holding you back now? Reduce your packaging costs by purchasing shipping supplies online from a reputable company.

Using Die Cut Boxes for Shipping

Choosing die cut boxes for shipping is a great way to ensure that your items will make it to their destination safely. These boxes are specially designed in order to accurately fit your product. They are unique to one another and are created in order to fit the specific shape of what you want to pack, package, or ship. Custom designs of die cut boxes allow for a variety of styling possibilities to include unusual scores, slots, and cuts.

Die Cut Box Uses

Boxes don’t have to be dull, ordinary, or plain. Die cut boxes are useful in providing for a clean and professional look to product packaging, and they can be customized to meet your needs. These boxes may be used for gift boxes on special occasions, and they can be used to ship items to your friends and relatives. This eliminates the need for wrapping paper, as your gift will look impressive when packaged using this type of shipping box.

With die cutting, you are offered a variety of possibilities with added box features. Irregularly shaped boxes and cut away display panels can be used to best show off your products. Vent holes can be crated so that your produce lasts longer and to provide for greater ventilation. Some boxes can also come with pre-glued corners in order to speed up the packaging process. Other features include:

  • Integral interior packing
  • Perforated panels and interlocking pieces
  • Boxes to fit irregularly shaped items
  • Self-locking boxes to eliminate gluing, stitching, and taping

The Die Cutting Process

Die cutting makes irregular scores, perforations, and curved cuts all possible with boxes. This is done through the use of a steel rule die in order to stamp features in a way similar to a cookie cutter. The two main types of dies that are used are the rotary and flat bed, and they are inserted to create the desired cut into cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, and other low strength materials.

Common Die Cut Styles

Some of the most common features found in large or small shipping boxes in the die cut style include the following:

  • Easy open features
  • Carrying handles
  • Perforated scores
  • Irregularly shaped packages
  • Irregularly shaped contours or cut outs
  • Integral product separation
  • Cut away display panels
  • Self-locking packages (without need for glue, tape, or other adhesive)
  • Fold in lids with interlocking flaps or tabs
  • Corner closures
  • Self-locking bottom or top flaps

Finding the Right Sized Packaging Box in Los Angeles

Shipping in Los Angeles is a relatively easy process, but finding the appropriate packaging box and other necessary materials is more difficult. Finding the right sized box to ship your item is essential in order to ensure that it arrives at its final destination without damage, so it is important to know how to measure a box or carton correctly. While your local Los Angeles packaging company can help you do this, there are also ways for you to ensure you get an accurate measurement on your own. Some of the most important tips for measuring a packaging box for shipment correctly are outlined below.

  1. It is important to use internal dimensions when taking the measurements of a box. These dimensions are expressed as L x W x H (length, width, height). The order of displaying these numbers when discussing and browsing box sizes is extremely important, as corrugated cartons and boxes are available in all sizes and shapes.
  2. If you will be using packaging materials inside of your box, be sure to add a buffer of one inch minimum on each side. This will add two total inches to each dimension of the box.
  3. All boxes will have a variance of +/- 1/8 inch, so it is important for items that may fall in that plane to get the larger sized box. You may also wish to order a sample to be sure that your items fit appropriately.
  4. If you are shipping with a carrier that has dimension weight applications at various sizes, you should understand that, in addition to your variance of box size, the box itself will also add to the total size. For example, the standard shipping box thickness is 1/8 inch with a single wall. The thickness of a box with a heavy duty double wall is ¼ inch. Therefore, you need to factor in the additional size to the total dimensions to get the exact shipping size. One way to avoid this is to add a buffer of one inch to avoid any potential problems.

If you have additional questions or are unsure what size box you need to ship your items, contact your local Los Angeles packaging company. They will also serve as a great option for purchasing the boxes and packaging materials you need to make sure that your item reaches its final destination safely and without damage.

Eco-Friendly Boxes for Shipping in Southern California

When packing for a move in Southern California, you are likely going to need a considerable number of boxes for shipping and other packaging materials to keep your items safe and intact. These items can cause stress to the environment, and limiting their usage or finding eco-friendly alternatives can help toward eliminating any unnecessary waste. This can also ultimately reduce any potential negative impact that your move might have on the environment, so choosing eco-friendly boxes and supplies can help to reduce your environmental footprint.


The most extensively used packing material is the shipping box. Cardboard is a great, eco-friendly option because it is easily recyclable and can be reused. Before heading to your shipping supply store for large or small shipping boxes, check to see if you have any around your home that can be reused. When you do have to purchase boxes, check to see what environmentally friendly options your local packaging store carries, and be sure to purchase those brands.

Other Tips and Materials

There are a variety of other ways that you can complete your move or ship items in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Use packing tapes made of natural rubber, as these tapes are both biodegradable and renewable.
  • Most foam packaging and bubble wrap is non-recyclable. Therefore, try to use reusable alternatives as often as possible. These can include pillows, blankets, or newspapers.
  • If you are moving items to a new home, use your clothing as an alternative packing material option. Clothes can be used to cushion belongings, and they can also save you the use of a few boxes that, otherwise, may have been used to pack your clothing.
  • Packing peanuts come in biodegradable and non-biodegradable options. Be sure that you are selecting the most eco-friendly option when you are visiting your local Southern California shipping or packaging store.
  • Research other biodegradable packaging materials that you can use during your move, including quilted, cotton-filled pads. The moving industry is continuing to become greener, and new, environmentally friendly options are being added to the market all the time.
  • When moving, use a moving vehicle that runs on biodiesel fuel. While not all Southern California moving companies will offer this option, others will in order to allow a greener moving experience.
  • Before you move, make sure that any hazardous materials at your old home have been disposed of appropriately, including paint, batteries, motor oil, cleaning supplies, and antifreeze.

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