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Types of Box Dividers

Custom Box Dividers Box dividers are suitable for multiple small and tall height products. Box partitions are perfect interior inserts when top and bottom compression strength is needed. Box dividers prevent product contact. When the box dividers are incorporated with your shipping and packaging, it helps assure that your product arrives at its destination safely and without damage.

There are different types of Cardboard box dividers.

Corrugated Dividers

One type of box divider is called corrugated dividers or corrugated partition. Corrugated box dividers can accommodate heavier weights, such as bottles, coffee mugs or jars. Corrugated dividers have better stacking strength. High quality corrugated partitions are thicker and stronger. Corrugated box partitions are ideal for taller heights.

Cactus Containers can manufacture corrugated partitions without the use of expensive cutting dies. This is why we can provide you with high quality standard partitions at a lower cost. Our state of the art equipment produces clean corrugated dividers with corner cuts, v-notches, orientation notches and locking features at a fraction of the cost compared to using costly cutting dies. Our corrugated divider collapses and opens easily without binding. It is developed to work seamlessly with automated inserting equipment.

Fiber Partitions

Fiber partition is also a popular box divider. Fiber partitions provide a high level of product packaging protection. They offer greater compatibility with automatic packaging equipment. A fiber partition produces less paper dust than standard corrugated dividers. It can be manufactured with higher precision than corrugated partitions. Because it is thinner you can use a smaller box. It uses 75% less space than corrugated dividers while storing or shipping. It decreases product damage due to lateral impact.

Chipboard Partitions

We can custom build a Chipboard divider to meet your requirements. Chipboard partitions take up between 25% and 35% less space than standard corrugated partitions. You can easily triple to quadruple the amount of chipboard partitions fitting in a box, cutting down substantially your shipping cost. Ultimately chipboard dividers are less expensive to produce than corrugated dividers.

How to choose the right cardboard box partitions for your product. Whether you are using corrugated box partitions, fiber partitions or chipboard partitions. All of them allow you to cradle each product separately, protecting each piece individually, keeping each compartment's contents separate which is ideal for keeping the products from movement and resist damage.

Custom Box Dividers   Custom Box Dividers   Custom Box Dividers

Examples of Box Dividers

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box type: 100 cell Divider
material: paperboard

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Custom Box Dividers
box type: 144 cell Divider
material: paperboard
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Custom Box Dividers
box type: 9 cell Divider
material: paperboard
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Custom Box Dividers
box type: 24 cell Divider
material: corrugated cardboard
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